Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2.5 weeks to go!

So I posted new pics in the photos section to the right. Boy I have a lot of work to do in 2.5 weeks but if you look at my 5 weeks out i've been working it! I'm kind of dissappointed that i'm losing some muscle in my arms. That or I still just have lots of fat of there? I do carry lots of fat on the tricep area. Overall i'm feeling good. My ribs aren't showing like they did last time and that's okay.

Tony says i'm leaning out but he doesn't know why my waist isn't getting leaner? My waist is 25" I don't give a crap about that! LOOK AT MY A$$! The freaking smilies are gone??? I don't know how that happened but i'm happy about it! My legs are so jacked up ugh.....oh well at least i'm alive and can walk. He told me today that I needed to......oh gosh here it comes......add......man I can't possibly add more.........2.......WTF is he going to do to me........more..........kill me now........tbsp of flax oil LOL!!!! WHEW!!!!

All of this so I can enjoy:

Cowboy Caviar
Hot Tri-colored Corn Tortilla Chips Served
with a Warm Dip of Layered Cream Cheese,
Mexican Vegetables, Black Beans, and Cheddar.


Colette said...

You look GREAT!!! What a tiny waist you have! I like how you call the butt crease "smilies" cute ;) For me, I like a small little crease, but for competing I guess it's a no-no??

You are doing great girl!
Oh, and if you don't like taking flax oil, Costco has organic ground flax you could mix with your protein drink or oatmeal.

Anonymous said...

Oh that was priceless! I coulda sworn you were going to say MORE CARDIO! Ha!

Pics look terrific!! No, prob, girl, you're gonna rock it!

Thanks for the explanation on the Cowboy Caviar. Sounds scrumptious.

Angela said...

mmmmm...cowboy caviar...... :)

Anonymous said...

lmao girl your hilarious and I agree, you look great!

Margarita said...

I would kill for your waist, girl!!! I think you are leaning out nicely - your legs and abs look great! As far as ass - I do not think its big. AND, thanks to your ass - you get this perfect hour-glass shape many women would LOVE to have! :-)

You'll be great, girl.



Tracy said...

April...you have me rather curious about this cowboy caviar. Hmm... sounds yummy!

Can't wait to see the show, your gonna do great. Then its Sept 12 for us!!!

B said...

I agree you look great !

Trojan said...

someone is kicking ass.....:) Looking great poopie!

Tina said...

LMAO...mmm I love flaxseed oil, oh you so can't do anymore cardio he had to tell you to do something...your 2 weeks out girl...just two weeks, Oh I'm so excited...more excited than I was for my own comp!!

:) Tina