Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was wondering if my HR would even read over 9,999 calories so I decided to kill myself last week. I got it to 10326 and this is what it looks like :) This is workouts only also.

I'm also wondering if i'll really get on stage next weekend? I weighed yesterday morning and I was STILL 121. I've been there for the last 3 weeks. I don't know what else I can do. I'm doing my workouts like mad, eating VERY clean not even mustard this time and still nothing. I don't think TOM is going to make it this month which is fine with me.
Tony called me and we had a long talk. He told me that he cannot possibly give me anymore cardio or cut my calories or my metabolism would suffer. So we are just taking it one day at a time and he will let me know if i'm ready next week or not. He asked me if I would be okay if it doesn't happen. I assured him it would because i'm leaving for vacation the week after so I will be slim and trim then :) So it's TBD if i'll actually compete or not WISH ME LUCK! I'm not giving up! On a positive note he told me to keep my HR between 130~135, that's much easier for me right now.
My husband is not too happy though. He said i'm getting on stage no matter what! This almost makes me feel good and that I don't look too bad or he wouldn't want me too. I just wish my upper body was bigger so people would focus on that instead of my big arse HA! Mike said this will if anything be good stage experience. I told him if I felt ready I would do it, but if i'm uncomfortable there is no way.
Stayed tuned......


Tina said...


It's good to hear your attitude about everything...what does Tony want your weight at? Because you still have water cutting, hmmm! My weight was stuck until 2 weeks out then one day I dropped 3 and then 3 the next couple of days and then 3 more with water depletion...hmmm...I'm thinking you still could get there...I can't even believe how much I changed in 2 weeks but 3 times a day cardio and weights...it wasn't easy, but I gave it everything I had! Take a look at my two weeks out pictures and then my show pictures, and I was holding water big time when I was on stage...So keep at it girl!! Oh and we do so need to get together again...I would love to do that 1st NPC show with you, don't be afraid of them, those girls got nothing in comparison to Tony and the CoDiva's to get them on the stage!!

Tina said...

Oh one more thing I just thought about when I was reading Margarita's blog, and got ADD and had to pop over here and tell you...at least for me...when I go from intense exercise to low intensity exercise, my body decides to give up the weight...so the lower heart rate is probably a good idea!!! That's all I was thinking...GAWD...no pressure here or anything...I just want to see you get on that stage again I can't wait 115 days till the next time, Jeez Louise!!

Stef said...

I know I possibly have no idea what I am talking about, but could your body be in starvation mode?


Hage Family said...

I love your attitude! Always nice to have such a supportive Hubby!

Tracy said...

I'm wondering if your weight will really drop now that you changed your cardio to lower intesnisty... hmmm

Melissa H said...

I hope that you decide to compete, no matter what. Yeah, so you might not be peak. But, you have worked SO hard for this and you deserve to step on that stage, no matter what!!! (just my humble and not loud at all opinion.) LOL

Tearose said...

great attitude! I know I will most likely be facing a similiar situation. I really think your going to make and look amazing to boot!!

Margarita said...

Yeah, April - you GO girl!! :-) I am sure you'll be ready. You know how it is in the final week - with all the carb cycling and water depletion - miracles happen! The only question I have - where on earth do you get your energy to do so much cardio? I have hard times draging my ass for 45 minutes!!!

Good luck, girly! I know you can do it - look at your own drive and determination. LOVE it!



Colette said...

I was going to ask the same thing as Stef.

I still think you should get on that stage anyway. Heck, you have worked so darn hard for this that it would be a waste ton NOT get on that stage. Who know what will happen, but at least you did it. It would be great experience to.

You've got a great hubby.

Anonymous said...

Girl you constantly amaze me :) On one hand I am with the others that say just get on stage anyway but then again I am so with you when you say not if I'm uncomfortable cause I would feel exactly the same!

I really don't think it's "starvation mode"...knowing Tony and the program :) Basically women are freakin whack...our bodies are whack, our hormones are whack and gah it's exhausting! What works for one of us does not work for the other...not once did Tony ever have me track my heart rate or want me to keep it in a certain range. This whole process is a learning experience and we find out what works for us and what just plain doesnt :) Something tells me you'll be on that stage looking amazing :) Your attitude rocks!

Eve is going to Nationals said...

Nearly there girl, you gotta love the process, our bodies always keep us on our toes that's for sure!