Saturday, May 24, 2008


I sent Tony my pictures last night and i'm waiting on his final verdict. Judging from our long conversation yesterday there is not going to be a good outcome.....stay tuned.


Lori said...

Well whatever happens, keep your chin up. You did great especially with a cruise in the middle of your training. There are other shows too, looks like we're doing the same day sept 13th. What's the worst thing that will happen...he will tell you to keep training for the sept show and you will kick butt!!!!!

DB (Bella) said...

Throughout all of this your attitude has been so great and that is a major accomplishment! Lori brings up a great point, worst case there will be other shows, or this will be stage practice. No matter what the outcome, you have done an amazing job!

Ruby said...

hi April..I just looked at your 1 week out photos...I am no expert but I think you look pretty darn amazing!!!I think you could do this show ..even if for stage practice like bella said. It would be also great to do to get input from the judges after the judging so you know what to work on.
But you do look absolutely great to me!

sunniejane said...

You are such a trooper. Don't let it get you down. I cannot believe you think 1 hr is a piece of cake! it is awful for me.