Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Gorgeous Day!

I took Boomer to the park and we walked to my dad's. On the way she got her nose scratched or bit by a little mini pin grrr....I should have let her eat the thing. Stupid small dogs!!!! We had a good time except for that :)

Stef, I use a heart rate monitor with a chest strap to calculate the cals.

Okay, here is the song i'm going to use unless I can't find an edited version. I have a back up just in case. If you have kids in the room don't play this. Remember don't judge me, I don't typically listen to devil music nor have I ever been in the goth thing LOL! This song just gets me pumped up!


I just ate my lunch and i'm waiting on the food to settle in my stomach and then it's up to do more cardio...ugh! Oh, and I did get to talk with Tony yesterday and he said he wishes I could do cardio sometime during the day but he understands that I have a job. Well i'm going to go to the park and walk for a half an hour now. Yes, stupid me told him this is doable. He told me just to walk and it doesn't have to be an all out sweatfest. This is fine though because I hate staying at work on lunch hour er..45 mins but i'll be taking an hour now they'll never know ;) This will also keep me from going shopping everyday. They are in process of putting a Kohl's around where I work, oh lord!

****Edited to say this is the edited version WOOT!!****


Anonymous said...

AWesome song lol

sunniejane said...

Yow, I shop way too much on my lunch period too. I just have to get out and away from all the crap food though. It pretty much grosses me out. You kill me on how much cardio you can manage.

Margarita said...

Jeez, April! That song is like a sick scary movie! Interesting taste you got there, missy! LOL No, not judging you at all... taste differ. :-) 11 days out for you - WOOHOO! Get psyched! ;-)

Colette said...

Manson huh? That song has such a powerful message behind it...I've always liked tha one ;)

Enough about your nice weather ;) Today we are cooling down...95 ;)

B said...

I don't know how you manage all that cardio 45 min indoor cardio = total boredom for me

Tina said...

Hey girl,

That is an interesting song for such a cute little thing, I think it's a good contrast...and I so want to see a video of your T-walk to it. Do you have a camcorder, cuz Mike should video you :)