Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blogger friends

I swear this blogging is the best. I feel like I know each and every one of you. I hope someday we can all meet. Someone needs to write Oprah. I'm a redneck from Indiana so my vocabulary isn't the best. Hmmm.....Stacey you are good at writing! I know you're a redneck too but you can pull it off! Martha you're an English teacher right? Get on it! I bet you crack up reading my e-mails! I know my hubby does.

Anyhow, I went to Oaken Barrel, Angela remember that place? I ended up having the Greek Salad w/ Chicken. I totally didn't want the BBQ for some reason. It was like I didn't really deserve it? BUT trust me if you've comp dieted before it felt like a cheat. Plus it has feta cheese and these little warm pita triangles. Do you guys really think I would be an angel? We also had chips and salsa for an appetizer LOL! I even ate the chips that looked greasy...mmm.....clogged arteries. It was nice to get out though.

We also took Boomer to Brown County State Park yesterday. My legs are KILLING me this morning! Flat Indiana? Not this place and that's why we go so much. It's our little heaven away from home. It's peaceful, hilly, full of trees, and Boomer loves it! She always manages to poop on the pathway though. Yes, I have THAT dog who poops on the path. We had a relaxing time though.

I am still upset that I won't be competing next weeekend. I almost thought about doing it anyway. Tony said that if i'm not better than last year than why do it? It's the same promoter and it would almost be a slap in the face to them. HA! Do I really look that bad? I know I don't so that is all that matters. When I look at my pictures I feel great about my body right now! I'm going to have a blast in Florida! We might actually leave a day earlier now!

A couple of months ago when I was a bit fluffier I would look at my contest pics and think, can I actually get that small again? Was that just a fluke or what? Now I know it's possible and that is going to make me work harder this time around! I really need to add size to my arms. I'm also looking at 1 piece suits. If anyone has any suggestions on styles or colors let me know!

I'm going to go walk Boomer in Squirrel Park now. Later today i'll go to my mom's and we'll lay out in the sun. This is a Indy 500 tradition for us. We've been doing it since I was 10! I'll be packing my chicken or tuna to take over there. I may sneak a tbsp of PB though ;)


Tina said...

So funny you should say that Oprah thing...I think that all the time...we are so awesome...I too want to tell the world about us :) You just don't get a bunch of woman together and muster up this much positive energy and encouragement everyday ya know!! And I so can't be the one doing the writing...I like to write like I talk...english teachers nightmare!! And I would be a mess without spell check...I'm constantly spelling things wrong on here and they get underlined...I can spend 5 minutes trying to remember how to spell definitely and I use that word all the time, my brain still wants to spell it wrong. And WTF does this have to do with my comment!?! Damn it must be the coffee...I wish I could do all of the above it with you, but no sun, and it looks like a bad storm is brewing! I'm so glad you had the chips...a salad...you deserved the BBQ...you've been working HARD for almost too long...I think your body got use to it, and wouldn't give it up, time to scale back, way back, eat clean...after a satisfying treat ;) and see what Tony has in store for manipulation!! Remember I barely did any cardio, diet is my friend...but it sucks cause I have to be perfect and push the weights and intervals far beyond what I imagine possible! Oh boy I'm going to shut up now! I love ya girl{{{HUGS}}}

April said...

Tina you crack me up! All I could picture is a little squirrel on crack LOL!!

Lori said...

I think a green suit, dark green would be great on you.

I can understand what T is saying. Although at first I would be like, F You T, If I wanna compette then I will. But then again, what he's saying makes sense. The judges give you feed back for a purpose. They want to see improvements, they want to see changes. Sometimes they just don't happen. I emailed him recently saying ok, what's the plan for my butt and legs cause I want a different outcome this time.

Anyway,I'm rambling but I understand.

Angela said...

You know i love ya!!!!

You know that everything happens for a reason...well maybe this reason is you are going to compete in September with more leanness and muscle than you would now...and you will take 1st place AND overall!! you know you can do it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, definitely, someone MUST write Oprah! Can you imagine us DIVAS and Tony on her stage?!!? How awesome would THAT be?

I'm glad you enjoyed your 'cheat'. Sounded yummy.

Brown County State Park sounds like a beautiful place. Too funny about Boomer.

Don't be upset about not competing. Your next comp you are going to kick some major ass, girlie! I agree with Lori too, a dark green sounds nice.

Oooh! I laid out in the sun for about 1/2 an hour today too. I LOVE the sun. It was only 1/2 an hour 'cause I got out there late. But some is better than none. Now they're talking rain and thunder storms for tomorrow and I wanted to go to the beach! Waaaah!

Oh and sneaking a tbs of PB.....ha! I get to have a tbs of almond butter once a week! Whoo-hoo! (per Tony, ofcourse) :)

DB (Bella) said...

I am honored to be a part of your blogging community!! Reading this post, I feel like I can almost forsee a future post where you are about to go to your next comp. and you look back and are thankful that you didn't get on stage this time. Whether or not you can do it is not the question, its just that timing really IS everything!

Colette said...

Blogging is great! We are all so different, with different goals, yet much the same too. I like that ;)

As the Tony thing, I can understand what he's saying, but also, you are representing HIS name, so of course he wants to make sure your perfect. As long as you are happy with where your at and you feel great...that is what matters the most.

Enjoy yourself April!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I've actually thought about the Oprah thing before but unless we were using "Bob Green" or whatever the hell his name is I doubt she would give us the time of day... Cause you can see how well he's working for her ;) lol anyhoo sorry to hear your not doing the show but your rock and it just means you'll be even better and more ready for this next one! :)