Saturday, May 17, 2008


It's a perfect day out today! I got up got my dog and went to the park for a long walk. I got home and got another half an hour of cardio in, got my hair highlighted and went to visit my mommy. My grandma and grandpa stopped by when I was there which made it even better. I got home sat on the deck for a bit. Decided I needed a nap so Mike and I went up stairs closed the blinds and slept for an hour an a half LOL! So much for the nice day but I feel refreshed!

Now im gonna go do my bi/tri/ ab workout and then 1 more hour of cardio. I am so gonna go over 10,000 calories! I can't wait to see if the HR goes that high! I'll take a picture ;)

Angela thanks for the tank top in the mail!!!! :)

Tomorrow i'll let you all know what song i'm using for the T-walk.....don't judge me ;)

Oh and i've missed 2 calls from Tony today so my phone is NOT leaving my side for the rest of the night!


Tina said...

Hey girl,

Sounds like a perfect Saturday...except for missing those calls, I hate when that happens :) Especially at 2 weeks out...you so need those calls !!

I can't wait to hear the song, oh this is getting so fun....Aprils 2 weeks out again!! Yeah baby...bring it!! WoWie...10,000 calories, no wonder you're looking so good!!

And WTH pictures was Tony looking at, he must have been being sarcastic...your waist is itty, bitty, he so must have got our pictures mixed up ;)

Oh this is so much fun!!

Colette said...

Stop bragging about your perfect weather ;)
You know I'm just jealous :(

Enjoy your Sunday!

Lori said...

Our weather has been beautiful too. I love doing cardio outside when it's like this.

You get to choose what song for your t-walk? that's great. I had to have stupid Cher on mine. They just play a song and change it when it's done and wherever you are that's it. They played Cindy laupers girls just wanna have fun and i was hoping I would get that but NO.

Stef said...

Beautiful here in Ohio, too!

Just wondered how you determine how many calories you burn? Do you have a Bodybugg or something? Just curious!