Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Kicks!

I could feel some leg pain going on so I bought some new shoes today :) I've finally figured out that when my shins start to hurt that if I get new shoes that takes care of it! There no pink squirrel shoes or anything, just Brooks like I always get;)

I'm 11 weeks out today. I'm feeling good about this go around. I'm eating more, losing weight and I got my period! Last time I didn't get one from June~October, can't say I missed it but that's not natural. At least I know my body is functioning correctly right now...I wanna new drug LOL!! So I need to weigh just for kicks but since TOM is here i'll wait. Screw that...I feel good right now even though TOM is here so who cares what the scale says!

I'm finally seeing my abs again WOO!

I'm still working on that Dreambodies tank pic ;) I typically look like a scumball and I want to maybe look halfway decent for that one LOL!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Supplement

My new supplement is working!

Fibersure = relief

Tonight I came home and it started storming BAD! I did my warmup on the treadmill, started doing roman chairs and thought I really don't feel like working out. Kept doing it and not getting the best workout I could get. Then the power went out :) It was a sign from God, I went and laid on the bed and took a nap LOL!

I think TOM is still trying to come out. I'm not sure if it will actually work but i'm having the symptoms. That's why an ab workout today would have sucked! I'll do it on Sunday though because I love me some abs! I'm hoping in a weird way that since Tony upped my cals recently that maybe my body will start to function?

I'm still working on those pics :) Thinking about taking them anyway.....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Puttin the Smack Down!

So i'm not one to call, e-mail or bug Tony alot. I just do as he says and things work. Well, the A and B were NOT working for me. My cals were WAY low, i'm storing fat although losing weight??, and my mood was out of this world! My hubby may say it's like this all the time but when I can notice it I know it's bad. So I sent him a text, e-mailed and left a message. Needless to say he responded with a new diet ASAP :) I'm a much happier person now aaahhhhhh....I get LOTS of oats, yams, and even coffee 3 x's a day WOO! I felt much better today.

My last straw yesterday was when I went to Wal-mart at lunch and got a little bag of trail mix and ate the entire thing. I KNEW that was not me and that was NOT my mentality. Something had to be done. Even Saturday I didn't feel like working out at all! That is all I ever look forward to! I love going to bed at night and can't wait to wake up and get on the treadmill...sick I know but that's what I love! So i'm better now :) I did however pass up the cookies and donuts hee hee! It's funny how when i'm feeling down I want nuts or trail mix...like those are okay or something.

I'm going strong again though and cannot wait for Sept 13th to roll around! My legs have more muscle for sure but i'm not sure about anything else but we'll see. I want to look better than last time.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Still Here!

Hey Guys, i'm still around! Yesterday I had a REALLY low mental day. I took an off day as prescribed by Tony and ate extra greens. This led to eating WAY too much oatmeal. It's a new day though and I was up doing my early morning cardio and I feel much better today. Mood swings are crazy and i'm STARVING today! I still didn't get my pre contest diet grrr....He said this week and you better believe i'll keep bugging him until I get it! My body can't take this A, B thing anymore. Maybe if it was more cals but mine cals are 1298 one a day and 891 the next. I weighed this morning and I was 121.4 blah....I told you I had WAY to many oats. No worries though i'm feeling better and ready to get to it. Just want my new food ;) I know it's going to be the same food just scattered around different but still HA!

My mom came over tonight and we grilled out buffalo burgers YUMMO! She brought chocolate cake too :( What a B****! LOL! I do take after her. None crossed my lips though and it didn't even look good. Give me a big bowl of oats and i'll be happy...like yesterday hee hee!

I didn't have a period last month and I guess not this month either although my chesticles are sore, hate that.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hey Guys!

The weather has been beautiful out so my hubs and I have been sitting on our deck and not staring at our computers :) It's been great! I've also been helping my sister out a lot.

My workouts are great and eating has been 98%. I had a few wheat thins I must admit. I'll be 12 weeks out on Saturday though so that is the end of that! I've been listening to the MP3's Tony has sent me from awhile back and recently. Man, talk about total relaxation. I listened to my old one last night, well 2 minutes of it anyway and I was OUT! Feels great to be that relaxed!

I got my Dreambodies tank today YIPPEE! I also bought a new outfit from a website and it rocks! I'll take a pic soon and post it and the website. Now i've got to get some z's so I can get up and do it all over again WOO!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pics and Weigh In 13 weeks out

Yesterday my weight was 118.6 WOO! I'm hoping to be 115 by July 4th so we'll see if that happens. I talked with Tony yesterday and he got me pumped again. He said he can tell my mind is in the game again and he'll be giving me a change of diet next week. He said it will really spark things up so I hope he's right...who am I kidding he always is.

I've done some comparisons from this last show (that I couldn't do) to this time. The pic on the left was yesterday 13 weeks out and the one on the right was 11 weeks out last time. I'm not even looking at my first show pics anymore. My body has changed so much so that would be silly I think.

I'm really feeling good about this time around. No pigging out for a whole week and trying to make it in 7 weeks this time around. I've really started to lean out and it's getting exciting again!!

So there's not a lot of change in this area. It will come eventually...just wait :)

I must add that these were taken after eating all 6 meals and drinking tons of water ;)

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Aftermath....

I'm not an emotional person usually...unless i'm mad then I cry. This made me sob like a baby. I've never seen this sort of thing in person. I watched after Katrina and never really thought much of it but now I think this may have changed my life. I was talking to my sister as the flood happened and she was freaking out. At first I thought she was in her car because she kept saying water is going into my windows Carol(her car), water, windows, April, what do I do? Talk about panic mode and almost having a heart attack. Come to find out she was about to leave for work and 3 dams busted and basically a tidal wave wiped out her neighborhood. Luckily she is half way up a hill so her damage wasn't AS bad as it could have been. Her garage is down a hill though so it is toast. Luckily her and her 2 dogs made it out. Justus my BIL was at work at the time so they have 1 vehicle left. They do have flood insurance. 25 houses in the area are condemned and will have to be torn down. Franklin will never look the same.

To make matters worse, her neighbor one house up the hill who's only damage was her basement flooded, dog died :( It happened yesterday and I had to hear the lady crying and the dog resembles Boomer. Dana was 14 though so it might have been of old age and the stress from the flood.

She has great friends and of course a good family so we'll take care of her. Oh, and it's raining and storming again so I can't go down there now because it's flooding again!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sorry I havent' been around!

After reading Stacey's blog I just wanted to post and say something :) I've been trying to help my sister out. You wouldn't believe the devistation :( Anyway, i'll post something better tomorrow. I have weigh in and pics this weekend!

I'll be missing the podcast tonight :( Family first!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


My birthday isn't until July 31st but my hubby just bought this for it!!


I can't wait! I get it tomorrow or Wednesday WOO! I've got a ways to go before I catch up with Visionquester though ;)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ain't going nowhere

I had planned on going to an NPC show tonight. Mother Nature prevented it. Check out these pics! Oh and forgive the Indianans for their poor spelling :)

I posted more pics to the right under myspace!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Wow, what a great vacation! Normally we take cruises or just go to the beach, this vacation was the BEST by far.

We started out driving to Enterprise Alabama on Friday night leaving around 8p our time. Once you get out of Indiana everyone else is an hour behind because that is the way it should be...I hate being on Eastern time. So we drove until 2p and stopped at a rest stop and slept for 3 hours. Keep in mind we were in Mike's little BMW 330ci, not comfy for sleeping at all. We woke up and I told him we are getting too old to be doing this :) Anyway we made it there and met Zach and Amanda. Zach is Mike's old high school friend. Actually there is a core group of 10 guys he went to HS with and they are all still buds which is great. I don't talk to anyone I went to school with nor do I want to. I don't like meeting new people and although i'd met Zach like 8 years ago I had to meet his wife and snotty nosed kids. I don't get along well with women unless they are like me so thank goodness I found blogger land :) You guys can't hear me burping or farting so that's good ;)

So I met Amanda and OMG she is just like me and a southern belle sweetheart. Her boys are incredible and very well behaved and they just loved me :) I felt very at home there and I didn't want to leave. We went to Panama City Beach and stayed 2 nights at Amanda's parents condo which was unbelievable. It was on the 20th floor and I ran stairs for cardio :) The beach was great and I gots me a tan! WOO! The whole time we were heading down there I had in my mind we were leaving Tuesday night because I really didn't want to go. Well we ended up staying another night in Enterprise because we all just got along so well. I won't bore you all anymore but just wanted to let you know i'm home and back at it!!

I'll post more pics sometime!