Monday, July 2, 2007

No Food, No Beer = Tears

I had a great weekend at the lake but i'm glad to be back in my own surroundings. I look like a lobster too! Mike didn't do a very good job on monitoring my sun LOL!!

I had a mental breakdown this weekend I think. While everybody else was going up to the cottage to get BBQ, potato salad, 7 layer dip, salsa, chips, etc......I sat down by the lake and cried. Seriously I cried!! Mike sat there with me too and I told him to go up there and eat. He shouldn't be going through this. I can't believe how well I did this weekend though, I know I am stronger than ever now.

Tony called me Friday right when I was getting ready to hop in the chair to get my hair cut. I didn't get to talk long so I will call him later today. I really need a pep talk. Well, I really need pizza but the pep talk will do.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Marthab said...

Call me crazy, but it sounds like time for a cheat meal. You are SOOOO strong! Keep it up. When that day arrives you will syand up there and think, "I DID IT!"

Eileen said...

I think social events like that are the hardest. It's pretty easy to stay on track when you're making the food, but events, ugh. And every single social event revolves around some sort of forbidden food and/or drink.

But you already know this... Just remember, this level of deprivation is only temporary!

Jen said...

I feel like crying too and I'm not even in a contest prep :) It WILL payoff in the end, but that doesn't make it any easier now. I hope that Tony's pep talk went well {{HUGS}}

Reese Mortensen said...

Oh gosh girl.-.....i understand how you feel.

Its kind of an exclusion. But hey...think of this: No one will be ripped like you!

They wont be stepping a stage with rhinestones and highheels right?

C'on....i bet getting ripped is worth not having junk food. Cheer up girl!!!!