Thursday, October 2, 2008

50 days baby!

Woohoo! 50 more days and i'm gonna have the time of my life!!....besides marriage :) Just in case the hubs reads this someday. I'm so excited about this next show! I've done a good job at maintaining my weight and that makes me happy, happy, happy! This week my weight has been flucuating due to not pooping for a few days. It hasn't gotten over 115 though which means i'm not over 10 lbs post comp weight! Am I comparing again??? YES! It keeps me sane. I know it's not good but for me it must be done. I know prepping for a show shouldn't have to be grueling so i'm not going to make it be. I don't have TONS of weight to lose this time and that's a relief. I would rather skip out on goodies than do 2 hours of treadmill that's for sure.

It seems each show has gotten easier to handle. There is less anxiety. The first I followed everything to the T! The second time around I tried, I had just got back from that cruise and dang I ate WAY too much. The third time I was fluffier but not too bad. I really cleaned it up at 7 weeks out and the weight dropped. Then at 4 weeks out the double cardios really helped. Which leaves me here. I'm 113 and I KNOW I can drop 8 lbs in 2 weeks now...not that I want too ;) Again you can tell me I shouldn't think like this but my brain is always running, figuring the numbers on the scale which don't mean a thing. I've gotten over an ED and this is still my way of controlling myself. At least i'm eating now :)

We have a Kohl's right down the road from where I work now. This is NOT a good situation for me. It just opened yesterday and I was there then and today HA! I NEED new undies though and all my sweaters are too big so I bought some of those too. Not to mention all my pants are HUGE! This is MY time though and I like being small and I WILL NOT GET OVER 120 again!!! Goal is 115 but dangit i'm eating good during the holidays ;)


Britishlady said...

Wow April!
50 days...you are going to ROCK your next comp..I just know it..I feel it in my bones. You sound like you're at a really great place right now, and I love it!

So..I'm interested how strict are the meal plans when training for a comp?

Tracy said...

Can I just say how excited I am to have a cheat meal over the holidays? BIG TIME!

As for clothes, I keep buying a few things here and there, but their really is no need to shop yet, when I won't be back to this weight. Soon, I'll go for a shop-a-ganza!

Can't wait to see ya in 3 weeks! ACK!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!! You are where many DREAM of being! GO girl! You sound so happy.

Sunnie said...

Yep, you have done a great job keeping everything under control. I love that ab pic of you, you are ripped up.

Stef said...

Keep up the great work, April! You are on fire!


Anonymous said...

Again, I could punch you but it's all good! lol Your so awesome and this is so going to rock!!!

Lori said...

Way to go April !!! Love the attitude. I think the maintenance stage is important too. I'm trying to lower my weight now.

B said...

doing great!

and ruby and I will be going in march 100% so if you go we shall see ya there- we are booking soon

Tina said...

Don't tell Mike...it's gonna be THE best time of your life...I just know it!! I can't wait and less than 50 days...OMG...really!!! You are going to be awesome, can't wait to see the new suit. And I am ignoring everything you said that made Stace say she wants to punch you, cause I don't want to have to punch you too, and I know if I read that tiny little weight of your's...ummm yeah I'd have to punch you :) I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait :)