Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time for Target!

Well this week has FLOWN by! I've been super busy at work....don't want to think about that. The weekend is here and I feel much more relaxed. I'll be walking through the aisles of Target in 20 mins.

I think i'm fighting off a sickness. Everyone at work has it. My body was hurting, nose running, and eyes were burning and that's all of their symptoms as well. Luckily I take my super potion of ACV/LJ so I think i'm over it now! Did I slack on workouts or eat something bad?? HELL NO! I'm not giving in to that excuse. If there is one excuse I hate more than anything, it's the one where someone thinks that because they're sick they can just forget it all. So today i'm gonna ROCK my triceps workout and get in a great cardio session with my dog.

I sent Tony and SOS email yesterday because my incline is broke on my treadmill. Sear's won't be here until Oct 20th to fix it. So I guess i'll just climb stairs. I still don't have a new diet yet. We all know that by now I know how to eat. Then my husband reminded me that is why I pay Tony...so I think i'll have a cheat meal tonight! My mind wouldn't let me do that though but it sounded rebellious!


Tina said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!! I needed to know I have someone in my corner :) I'm thinking skip the cheat....cause if I can't have one, you shouldn't get one either :) Fair is fair!! 6 weeks and Thelma and Louise hit the streets...I'm thinking Thelma and Louise on a comp/no water diet...they better clear the roads and let you two through :)