Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey all! I'm still going...bareley. The workouts are getting tougher. My energy is up one day and down the next. No matter what though i'm pushing through! My body should be burning fat like a machine right now! We're almost 3 weeks out and i'm getting super excited!! This is gonna be so much fun! I gotta keep in mind that although it's gonna be fun i'm there for a purpose...to meet Stacey and have a blast with Angela and Tina! LOL! What did you think I was there for?

I think I need to be hooked up to a glutamine IV...that would make this much better. I hate taking that nasty crap! No matter what I put it in I swear I can taste it.

I'm seriously getting sick of cheese?? Did I just say that HA!

We've all got goals and dreams and a vision in our mind of what we want to look like. So I finally found one...compliments of Jodi ;)

Now I know I need to be the best APRIL I can be...Angela already told me that and Jodi's post over there tells her story BUT this is my vision. When I see my dreambody this is what I see. Although I have a huge scar and my left shoulder is a little out of alignment :) Oh yes, and I don't have fake hooters...or any for that matter. So there, this is my vison. I've got the abs thing in the bag, just need to get a bit leaner. My hips will eventually go away someday. I'm remolding my body day by day, month by month and I can't wait to see where I go!!


Anonymous said...

Ok let me tell you a little story about hips girlfriend... HAHAHA Yours really already look like that girl's LOL!!!! I HAVE HIPS heheheh. Mine are slowly going away. I'm back to my own diet and it seems like I already feel better. I dont like eating a bunch of carbs...I think it makes me lazy...just like coffee makes me tired. LOL!!!! I do lose weight pretty efficiently when I do lower carbs and I feel better. My body craves food constantly when I'm always eating carbs because of my lovely over abundance of insulin (hypoglycemic).

You look great. No worries there sugar puff. I can't wait to see your stage pics from the end of this month. And I'll be calling you after prejudging like 100x I'm sure heheheheh. TAKE PICS damnit. Have someone bring their laptop, take pics w/ digi came, upload pics on computer/blog PLEASE thanks... I will need them immediately HAHAHAHAH.

Health Girl said...

I can't wait to see your pics from the stage. You looked great at the last show... :) Hooters are overrated... I say that while I still have mine though. LOL

Health Girl said...

I totally forgot! What brand of Glutamine are you using?

I use the Beverly International BCAA & Glutamine Select. It doesn't taste that bad... :) Pretty decent actually... :)

Visionquester said...

OMG April, I was just going to tell you about Beverly International's Glutamine + BCAA' (black cherry) and then I read health girl's comment.

April... that's not you up there? I thought it was!!!

Can't wait to see pics... hopefully you will find a way to poop before the show... cheese always binds me up...lol

Take care...

Tina said...

I was thinking that was you too...and after all that cheese I bet you'll be there, you weren't far from it your last show...I can't wait to see you again...it's gonna be so much fun!!

Tracy said...

Another vote for Beverly Glutamine w/ BCAAs. I swear by that stuff! Actually I'm a true, blue Beverly Girl!