Monday, October 20, 2008

Guns and Poses

I had a great time posing with Tracy and Julie this weekend. DANG! Julie arms are VERY nice. She was so sweet and helpful too. I felt like a part of her team. Of course Tracy was great and we're gonna meet again when we can eat chocolate together LOL!

I feel like my pretty pose and side poses are much better now. Of course being on stage might change all of that :)

I ordered a new 1 piece. Amy mailed it out for me on Friday WOO! I love it and can't wait to see it in person!

My weight has stalled. I've been at 113 FOREVER! Tony is SUPPOSE to get me a new diet...come on man i'm 5 weeks out with only an hour of cardio! I don't want to be doing 2 hours + just because I didn't get a new diet. Yesterday I fell off the wagon and had a salad with dried cranberries, walnuts, and brie cheese on it YIKES! This is what happens on my own.

Not having a microwave blows!

I have something else I need to blog about....it's coming.....stay tuned.


Barbara said...

Oh April..I LOVE that suit!!!!!!You are going to shine like nobodies business on stage! No worries girl..you WILL reach that goal so don't sweat it. You have a buttload of time.......

love ya girl!


Lori said...

You are going to look great in that suit. It's your color. I love that you love your posing class. I loved mine too. 5 weeks is going to fly by.

Britishlady said...

Hi April,
I love, love, love your suit!!!!!!!! It's sooo you. I can't wait to see you in it.

I know you'll be comp ready in no time..sounds like you're excited, and rightfully so :)

Tracy said...

I love your suit! It will look great on you! I'm still trying to figure out what to do about mine. sigh!

You bet where gonna have a chocolate day! Can't wait!

Tina said...

:) Love the suit!! And I don't really think that salad is a cheat silly, sounds good :)

Great pictures!! 5 weeks and it's moose munch baby!! Now go eat your chicken and asparagus...your going to get your diet and your gonna think...what was I thinking begging for a diet...cuz you know what is one it ;)

Anonymous said...

Who cheats on a salad! lol!!! Only you girl. I already told ya I loved the suit...can't wait to see picts of you in it woot! :)

EM :) said...


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new suit! You're gonna be DROP DEAD GORGEOUS in it! I'm so glad you had a great posing class with her. How nice. Hope you get your microwave soon. Don't know what I would do without mine. Sounds like a yummy salad. Mmmm.

Health Girl said...

Such a pretty suit!! Its going to look fab on you! (of course you are already looking fab!) :)

Yay for an awesome posing class! I'm so glad Julie made you feel a part of the team!

Anonymous said...

Hmm...salad sounds good, I think that is what I'll have for my late lunch :D Been busy today!

And yes! I actually slept last night, no insomnia...I think the fat burners are bad lol...creates insomnia for Jodi lol!

No Name said...

You are CRAZY! At least this is what other "normal" people would think if you told them that your salad was a cheat meal! LOL

By the way - LOVE the suit! It'll look great on you! :)