Sunday, October 12, 2008


I forgot to mention that next weekend Oct 18th I will be traveling to Cincinnati to me Tracy for posing with Julie Lohre! Julie has always been my idol and whenever I see her or am up close words just will not come out of my mouth. I know that sounds chidish but it's true. She is Tracy's trainer so I may feel more comfortable around? Only time will tell LOL!

40 more days!!! Rock on!(as Paula would say)

I've been eating clean and having great workouts. I can't wait to see my body transform more. Of course since I didn't go overboard and gain 20 lbs this time it won't be as dramatic...thank goodness!

Has anyone tried the marshmellow mocha creamer? OMG it is awesome! No more though ;)

My husband runs 4 miles to this fire station and he just did his best time of 24.59. He told me he bets I can't do it in under 50. I may try today to see if I can? I really hate jogging and running for long periods of time though so we'll see :) Right now i'm waiting for it to get a little lighter outside and it's off to burn some fat!


Lori said...

WOW, that's great to pose with her. You better take pics.

I'm not good at long distance running either. I have the same pace the whole time....slow.

Stef said...

I am not a distance runner. Although, I did run a 5 mile race in about 45 minutes a few years ago. I was surprised at my time.

Oh how exciting to pose with Julie. Only 2 weeks til the Monster Mash!! Can't wait to see you!


rockstarmom said...

You ARE rocking on, April! So excited..I see BIG things for you coming up...your head is RIGHT ON..
Have a blast with posing..fun!!

Anonymous said...

Um, it's 4 o'crap in the morning! WHAT are you doing up???? You're too cute. Hope the posing session goes great! How awesome!

Health Girl said...

I am SOOO excited for you! I love Julie! I actually found her through the Beverly International Site and had no idea just how awesome she was- Pro and all! Once I get closer to show time, I'll be going to her for posing for sure! (She's only a few hour away from me!!)

Have fun meeting Tracy and definitely get some pics of you and Julie! :D

I can't wait to see your show!

C2 said...

Wow, have fun posing with Julie.

And a challenge from hubby??? I'd show him a thing or two! :)


Krissa said...

That is awesome! I love Julie Lohre too. I met her at a competiton and she is so down to earth and sweet. And she really knows her ttuff. I am sure you will learn a lot from her. Have fun!

Tracy said...

April... were gonna have a blast! And the place where we meet has a fridge and microwave, which is so handy. Talk to Julie about the Jan Tana. She swears by it.

No Name said...

April - you def. transformed inside and out since you did your first show. You are so positive now and no longer talk crap about yourself! LOL (like "my fat azz" etc.) This is AWESOME and this is the most important transformation ever! :)

Have fun with Julie Lohre and Tracey. Don't get too carzy though! Don't do anything I would not do... ahem...LOL

Anyway - cannot wait to see you on stage with Tina and Angela. You guys will have a blast!