Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TTC(NOT trying to conceive! Thanks Eileen ;)

No, not IBTC, although I am a member of that too. I've been chose to be part of Team Tight Curves! What's in it for me and the other ladies chosen?

A webpage on our website with links to their website if they wish
• A photoshoot with Terry Goodlad
• Clothing
• Supplements
• Compensation for promotional programs that they will be asked to be involved with.

I couldn't believe when I got the email. I sent some cheesy pics back in July and totally didn't expect this. I checked out the board and all these fitness models are on there and it's like I don't belong. When I told Tony about this of course he scolded me for talking like that. The best part is maybe i'll be able to meet up with Em someday because she was chosen too! WOOHOO!

I got my 1 piece in the mail yesterday :) I LOVE the color although it is SUPER small right now. I know it'll fit in 4.5 weeks YIKES!

Here is a preview before it fits good, not blinged out and no tanner.

So i'm suppose to be getting a new diet today. I hope so because I need to start losing again! I've been at 113 FOREVER! Bonus is i'm not doing doubles....yet.


Stef said...

Bring on the BLING~BLING! That suit will be GORGEOUG!!!


Can't wait to see you this weekend!


Eileen said...

Congrats on TTC.....

You know, "TTC" is also internet-speak for Trying To Conceive....

EM :) said...

Oh Girl I would be too honored to meet ya someday!!!!!!!!!
We'll have to do a show together, hey yoooo!!!!!!!!!
LOVE THE GREEN. Redheads must wear green, either Stacy's green, or that lovely green. Way to go! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that suit on you! It's really a perfect color! Its style looks a lot like what mine looked like 'before' I sent it back to CCfitwear for adjustments...I had the top widened and some other stuff done to it...but yours probably wont need anything changed! SIMPLE! I can't wait to see the stones! :D I'll bet you'll get it back fast!

Anonymous said...

Beuatiful color! Can't wait to see it all blinged out!

Congrats on the TTC thingy! That's really great! You deserve it!

Tiffanie Hage said...

YEAH!!! THat's awesome April! What a huge compliment to be asked to join! Can't wait to hear more about it.

But I also think you should give the real TTC a try ;0)...better than any trophy you could get! LOL

C2 said...

AWESOME choice in the suit April! Absolutely love it! :)

Tearose said...

April that is soo cool! You must be so stoked!I can't wait to see it blinged out on ya!

Lori said...

Congratulations!! That's surely enough incentive to eat clean huh?

Love the suit.

Krissa said...

That suit will be soooo pretty! That is a good pic of you and Julie.

YOU NEED TO DO THE KENTUCKY NORTHERN! Julie is a big part of that show and I go to it every year. I would love to see you up on stage there. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that is so stinkin cool!!!!!!

Tracy said...

Thats a great green! When do you go live on TTC's website?

Anonymous said...

...and I forgot to post that I'm SOOOOoooo proud of you for being a Team TC girl! Holla! That's my gurl! :o) Can't wait for this weekend!

B said...

that suit is gonna look amazing when you frost it with some stones! the colour will look great on you

and your legs look really good april!

Jenn said...

Congrats again on TTC!! I'm so excited for you!

And, I LOVE the color of you suit. My one piece is green too!!! Not only that but Amy made mine too!! He he!!

Your looking great!