Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feeling Great!

I went and shadowed a medical coder yesterday afternoon. This is the job for me. It keeps my interest and the time flew by. It was like being in the ER without all the blood etc...I need to call IUPUI a local college here and set up a meeting with a counselor and see what I need to do about getting in class. Hopefully I can take some classes this summer. I'm just really glad I liked it and now I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Being off work has been great this week! The weather is awesome and I get to spend quality time with my mom and dog :)

Workouts are AMAZING right now! I'm not rushing them because I have all the time in the world! My weight was at 121.4 this morning. It's been holding steady at 121 for the last 3 weeks or so. I'm going to drop a supplement i've been taking at the end of the week so i'll see if that helps with water drop or not.

I'm gonna have a lot of work to do after the cruise but i'm up for it! Unless I get back and i'm weighing like 130 or something LOL!


Becca said...

Good for you!! I'm happy you found something that interests you.

What supp are you dropping? I don't take many myself, but I'm always game to learn and hear about things other people take, and their ideas of them.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweets! Sorry to hear about the job but it sounds like you have a new plan that you are excited about! I see that God has opened a whole new set of doors for you! Yeah!
Hey, I'm putting together a Meet n Greet April 18th in Indy. Wanna come?

Tracy said...

YEAH for feeling GREAT!

You will be doing something you love in no time.

Send that awesome weather my way...


C2 said...

130 lbs? That made me laugh out loud! I hardly think so! :)


~ Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Good deal! I would send in your FAFSA right now though so it'll be finished and ready at iupui for summer! :D Maybe you'll get in on some grants!

Hayley said...

I'm so excited that you've already found something!! Taking an extra class or two during the summer is a great idea. I'm really happy for you! I'm sure if you're doing great with your workouts and eating (I have no doubt you are) the weight will eventually come off. Just enjoy yourself...life is too short to do otherwise. Although you and I are very similar in some ways and I think that I can enjoy life more when I'm eating well, working out and feeling good about myself. :)