Friday, March 27, 2009

Relaxation Station

I woke up this morning and weighed in...119.8! I'll be feeling good about my massage i'm getting today now. My goal was once I get under 120 to get it but my legs told me otherwise. Well now I hit my goal and DESERVE it!! My next victory will be 115! I'm not sure how long or how much torture it will take me to get to that one? I WILL get there though. Once i'm there that is where I want to stay. I can LIVE at that weight and feel good about myself. Sure i'm gonna get to 105(or so I hope) for my comp but for everyday life 115 is for me.

It's funny how long it takes my body to lose 5 lbs and we'll see how easy it is to gain it right back!

I was on the treadmill for 1 hour yesterday and think I went 4.5 miles. I was just looking at my husbands gps watch and he did 7 miles in 50 mins. I am SO not a runner.

9 more days until tropical muscic, weather and the ocean!!!

We're trying to sell our house again. We put it on the market Monday and have someone coming to look at it tonight! Wish us luck! One of my workouts will be cleaning the heck out of it today LOL! We're trying to move about 40 mins north of here because Mike's office is moving. I'm sad though because I live 2 mins from my mommy :( Like i've said though, as long as he's supporting my azz i'll follow!


Anonymous said...

Good job on the 119, not sure what I weight right now but I feel totally empty haha. I'm super low carbing it but I kinda like being deprived.

Gretchen said...

how tall are you? i am about 5'3". I am 119/120 now too & am trying HARD to get down to 115 by summer. it is so tough!!

*ANA* said...

5'3 here too :) yup i would some day like tomaintain 115 shoulkd i wanna get to 120! congrats on meeting your goal april!!! massage well deserved!

Krissa said...

congrats on 119!!!

Your husband probably has longer legs than you, he can cover more ground with each stride :)

Good luck on selling your home. I know that can be stressful