Monday, March 23, 2009


So i'm getting bored at home so I signed up for volunteering at the hospital in Franklin Indiana. I figure it will look good on my resume since I have zero hospital experience and I'm pursuing the medical coding thing. Here is the list of things I can help with :) VOLUNTEER WORK

I feel weird. I hate being dependent on my husband. I'm not 100% dependent YET...that time is coming. We have always kept our money seperate and it's worked great that way. I know eventually, unless I find an under the table job, I will have to give up some things I do not want to. I mean if roles were reversed and i'm thinking better these days without my stupid stressful job that I would not pay for parts for his Corvette or Harley. I would not pay for him to go golfing or skiing so it's obvious that he's not gonna keep buying my supplements etc. I know though that once my school is done I will be doing something that keeps me happy and then I can go back to all my old ways.

That leads me into my old ways. I wasted alot of money. I am just now realizing this. I made really good money and I wasted most of it. It's sort of sad. My reasoning was I hated my job so as long as I worked there I was gonna TRY and make myself happy by spending it. I've only been unemployed for 2 weeks and it's really helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I didn't go to Target just to spend $150 and I didn't miss it either. I went there to get almonds and that's it. I have to get the 100 cal pk kind or else April's serving size is about 50 almonds LOL!

So i'm going to enjoy my time right now with my family and dog. I'm looking at ways to cut grocery cost etc...and i'm actually having a blast doing it! There goes my new running shoe purchase every month LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hey don't let it get to you--I have these feelings a ton since I've been in school for most of mine and Todd's relationship. He's sort of helpless around the house though so I dunno what he's gonna do once I start law school and work!!!!

Becca said...

I can't believe you're bored after 2 weeks. You're just like me, you've worked all your life - So I can't say I wouldn't be bored either but then again, I'd like to think it would take me longer than 2 weeks! I think volunteering at the hosp. its great. I love working at my hosp - they're good places to work. As far as the spending goes, yeah, it's going to be a lifesytle change but you can do it for sure. Priorities become more clear. $150 bucks at target - that'd be a dream life to me. It has taken all I could scrounge up just to do this show for me. And the supps - you'll realize you really don't need a lot of them - but I'm sure the hubs understands it's one of your things that makes YOU happy...it'll be interesting to see what happens with your budget over the next few months. You're still doing OCB Indy right?

April said...

Yep, still planning on the May 30th show!!

Gretchen said...

aw good for you! dont regret.. just move forward and start saving. i use ING direct and i love saving money now. i wasted SO much money too. although new running shoes every month sounds fun! LOL

Krissa said...

That is cool you are going to volunteer. That will look good on your resume.

I am with you on the spending thing. I am always trying to spend less on groceries but rarely succeed. I spend a TON on food. And now the Larabar addiction is adding up :)

I agree with Becca, you shouldnt need many supps. I would think a multi vitamin, creatine, BCAAs would be all you REALLY need. Fish oils are good too. But most of the other stuff probably gets peed out.

Before I started the nursing program, I saved up 13k. I was very proud of that since I didnt make that much at the time. I went through it so fast. Well, within 2 years. A lot of it was for rent but a lot went to my nike addiction and various other wastes. Hind sight is 20/20 right?

At least you are still young and have a new career ahead of you and you know how to spend more wisely.