Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ground Hog Day

The same thing every day. I think this cartoon is WHY I need to do it though. When there is variety I tend to go overboard. Like on a cruise EEK! 10 days WOO! I'm trying not to think about the food too much. When I got back from the cruise last year my weight was 127 and I dropped 4 lbs in that following week so I know most was sodium and water bloat.

Back to eating. I love eating to nourish my body and not because it tastes good and I just want more. Mike and I were talking about protein powders last night. I'm almost out of my Optimum Nutrition and will be buying Body Fortess because it's cheaper. He was telling me the ON tastes nasty and he will stick with Syntha 6. I told him I don't eat for the taste. I have to keep telling myself because I really love the taste of chocolate ;)

I went ahead and booked my massage for tomorrow. I'm at 120.2 but my legs hurt and I need it! I'm still taking superpump too and that could be making me hold some weight?? I don't care right now though because my workouts are AWESOME with the blue juice :)


Becca said...

Hey! I get EAS brand in 5lb bags at Walmart for 29 bucks. It's 23g of protein, 130 cals, 3 carbs, per scoop and 76 scoops per bag. Tim and I did the math and it ends up being cheaper than body fortress, plus it tastes better, IMO. Just a thought. They don't have a ton of flavors, but vanilla, straw, and choc of course. :)

Angela said...

i miss the blue stuff :(

Gretchen said...

ooh whats super pump? is it like no explode?

April said...

Thanks Becca! I'll get that then since you've already done the math LOL!

Gretchen Super Pump is sort of like that only it tastes good and I don't get bloated on it. It's made by Gaspari Nutrition!

Anonymous said...

I quit taking creatine for the same reason...bloat! Majorly. It does help though when building muscle. Glutamine is my main thing. I gotta have that. Calcium too.

I'm gonna look into the EAS that Becca mentioned. I like body fortress BETTER than Optimum actually. ON tastes real thin and weird. I agree with Mike Syntha 6 is better, BUT its a weight gainer. :) So I can't have it during the prep or jodi fills out a little TOOmuch ahahaha.

Hayley said...

Oooh a massage...how nice! I think I'm the same way about allowing myself TOO much of a variety of food. I have a good "group" of foods to choose from that I enjoy eating and are healthy for me. If I try and ask myself what I'm hungry for and allow myself to choose from ANYTHING I tend to go a little haywire. I guess some of us are just programmed that way. Good to know it's not just me! :)