Thursday, March 19, 2009


Jodi sent this to me LOL! She asked "Who does this look like"? BTW Happy B-day Jodi!

It's me with boobs LOL!

My weight this morning was 120.6 ahhh...hopefully i'll be below 120 by next week. If I make it i'll be rewarding myself with a nice massage!!


Tracy said...

oh my heck!

Gretchen said...

LOL - Aw.. you look great. And figure girls don't need boobs to look fab! Check out my site www.myimplantstory.com - i did 2 shows, got implants and got deathly ill for a whole year! I am finally healthy with no implants and back in the gym. I would love to compete one day again, but really just want to spread the word that figure girls don't all need to enhance themselves.. hope you feel fab and beautiful the way you are!

Jodi Lane said...

Interesting Gretchen, I will follow your feelings and vow to NEVER get implants :)

Yes, April--that girl really did make me do a double take! WOAH! :D

THANKs for the bday wishes!!! LOVE U

Krissa said...

That does look like you!!!

You deserve a massage anyway. I just got home from a 1 hour massage. It only cost 35 bucks!!! He lowered his prices because of the economy. That is awesome!

Hayley said...

Holy hell April - it IS you with boobies! :)

Gretchen said...

thanks Jodi! I wish someone had warned me. Not worth the pain and suffering. :)

sunniejane said...

Oh look! You finally gave in and did it. LOL!

Tina said...

Very true...and who needs boobies when you got pecs :)

And I heard all about this guy that does massage but he also gets you down on the mat and stretches the hell out of you...I wanna do that :) Did you get a massage then??? Do tell!!