Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The day after....

I'm afraid to brush my hair because I think it will pop my scalp. I'm not going to wear pants with zippers today because they might not zip. I will be careful with my ink pens today so they don't accidentally bust the sausages I have for legs......This is what you feel like when you don't eat clean food.

I haven't worked the day after Christmas in 10 years :( I'm only going in half a day and i'll be getting a lot of stuff done since there will be hardly anyone there. I got the cutest pajamas from VS with slippers to match! My hubby knows me :) I was happy and immediately put them on(after the groping of the breasts). Do all men do that? It like instantly hands on breast whenever he see them. I just laugh because well....there's hardly any there. Then I flex them and he gets jealous and tells me he is going to start working out Jan 1st again.

That is so not fair.

No workout for Mike in 6 months = 16 lbs lost
Eating more oatmeal and apple for 3 months = 16 lbs weight gain for April
*okay this last week i've been eating desserts but that's only 2 of the lbs*

Pretty soon i'll be back in my old mindset and avoiding treats and doing excessive cardio :) Until then bon bons go great with my egg whites!!

That is so not fair.


Trojan said...

Ugggg. I don't want to eat or drink...badly for a LONG LONG while.

Merry Christmas April!

sunniejane said...

Boy, do I know where you are coming from! It is all gone today and I am eating only the egg whites, no more treats!! Done

Anonymous said...

Yeah my weight Monday when I weighed in for Tony is so NOT the same today...ugh. lol but I had a great Christmas and it sounds like you did too! I love pj's with matching slippers.

marthab said...

First, your blog theme is so cute. Second, yes on the boob thing. There is a chemical release in the brain that signals "must touch". There is no chemical to stop it. :)

Glad you had a great day. We ate plenty and back to the gym I go!

Claudine said...

300% YES for the boobs thing... and I thought my bf was the only one... :)

Here is my blog in english :



Angela said...

Love the new blog layout :)

I already feel better eating clean! Loved your tracker avitar...LOL!

Lori said...

Bon bon's do go with egg whites. I think I had EVERYTHING besides eggwhites yesterday. I binged BAD!!! At least we're all in the same boat with you.

Stef said...

I felt like Templeton the Rat on Sunday night! I ate clean yesterday and today though!

Men love boobs!