Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I think I will just get use to this bulking thing for now. I'm see muscles and veins like i've never seen before and I love it. Don't get me wrong shedding the fat and really seeing muscle was awesome but this is different. Okay so my pooch is back and my face is chubby I can always lose that. I only have this little amount of time before my next show to build up and i'm going to enjoy it. It'll be worth it on May 31st. I know that i'm doing this the right way with Tony so it'll all work out. This is just such a different phase for me considering all year it's been about lose, lose, lose. I'm surprised I had the little muscle that I did. Looking back I was skinny and need more muscle so watch out!

I had a great chest workout tonight. I increased on all of my weights and it felt great! I also got up early this morning and did extra cardio. I ate clean which in my case still feels crappy because it's just alot still. Beka you are right though i'm starting to like it.

I'm sure i'll be writing next week on how I hate this and i'm a cow and I hate myself LOL!!!!


Colette said...

You look great and this is only temporary. You need to eat to get muscle because once you start cutting, you will lose some of that muscle, so the more you can build now, the better for later.

Start thinking positive things only. You know Tony won't steer you the wrong way and you know you can get yourself in comp shape in no time flat. You are doing great!

Visionquester said...

Can't beat the feeling strength gains. That's what keeps me hooked on lifting.


sonniejane said...

I don't mind having a chubby look, I kind of fit in with everyone else now. It will all be so worth it.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you! Making those sexy muscles!! I LOVE your chubby face. You've got the best smile.

Congrats on the increases on your weights!!!! It feels so good, doesn't it?

B said...

okay I saw that post below of you in that great outfit so I know you don't look like a cow, I am hungry april watch out don't make me come find you!!

your nuts you look great and when Tony is done prepping you will look even better

excuse me i have to go drink my water now :)

Lori said...

If you are a cow you don't want to look at me!!! I'm sure you look HOTT!!!! Keep pushing hard like you are and you're gonna be better than you even imagine.

thirtysomething said...

First of all....you are too cute for words!!! I'm really starting to get this crazy mood cycling....I feel exactly the same way...I look great...look at these muscles...I look fat, I want to do low carb...I'm so glad I am not alone!! Time to put on some cute sweats, and go through the motions, we can bring out those skinny jeans before too long!!

You look fabulous as always!! Now go grow that muscle!!

:) Tina

striving for zen said...

April -
I think you look great! You are at the point that I strive to be. Keep up the good work - you are a motivation to so many of us!

Trojan said...

I can't wait to see how big those muscles get...:)