Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh Boy!

This is in my kitchen right now!

I love baking and making desserts. I can now do it without having to eat it all too!

I am on vacation today! I just got back from Squirrel Park and boy are they FAT! Boomer has a good time and I got an added workout trying not to fall on my rump!

I'm still on no carb and feeling good. I can still fit into my 3's also! I guess even though my face and butt are a bit bigger I haven't gotten as big as I thought. At this weight earlier in the year I would have never been able to fit in a 3.

I'm getting my hair trimmed and Mike begged me not to get it any shorter :)


Angela said...

YUMBLES!! I want to make those oreo balls!!!

Um....i think we have the same stove....LOL!

Trojan said...

I kinda wanna roll around on your kitchen floor covered in cookies and PB...kidding!

Colette said...

Hooray!! You blogged ;)

That pic looks very yummy. Enjoy baking yummy treats and a little nibble here and there won't hurt...if you just can't resist ;)

How fun for Boomer. I bet he loves chasing those fat squils around (not sure if they feel the same lol ).

Look at that, you have proven that muscle takes up less room than fat. You can fit into those pants, even though you've gained weight. Now that is great!! Also, you need to make your man happy...don't get it cut to short ;)

Enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

So, how short did you go this time, huh??

Funny about Boomer and the squirrels. We let our doggies out into the backyard and tell them to 'go get that squirrel', the LOVE it.

Nope, don't want any of that stuff. It doesn't even LOOK appealing to me. Hope you enjoy all the baking!