Sunday, December 2, 2007


Phooey i'm sick. I knew it was coming but i'm happy I almost went all year without getting sick!

Did a tricep workout on Saturday but no cardio. I just rested up today because that is what Tony told me to do :) I am on no carbs until Wednesday and it's good timing because I don't feel like eating anything. This is my second day on it and I feel better already.

My bicep workout on Friday rocked! I saw veins busting out everywhere, everywhere but that awesome bicep vein i'm looking for but I know it's coming.

We got our new couch and love seat and they are soooo comfy. I actually fell asleep on it today while Mike was at the Colt's game!


Colette said...

Hope you feel better real soon.

Don't you just love seeing those cute little veins popping out ;)

Need a picture of your new addition, and how cool that hubby got to go to the Colt's game...hope they win.

Have a restful rest of the day.

Trojan said...

Damn it..i bet you caught it from my blog:(

April..there is a really bad cough going around and it gets worse...so think Amoxacillin early on if you need it. i waited a freaking week and my cough is STILL bad where i can't work out...

Get better soon and i am sending healing chioken soup vibes..


Natasha said...

Get better son April.

That is so cool about your workouts and how your body is transforming. Keep it up girl!!

sonniejane said...

Oh that bicep vein, I look for it everytime and I have seen it a time or two but it is just not there all the time yet but it will be we just have to keep getting leaner.

Hope you feel better soon :)

Anonymous said...

OOoh a bicep vein!! Now THERE'S something to strive for!

I'm so sorry you're sick. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Nice that Hubby was able to go to the game.

Would love to see a pic of the new couch and loveseat too!

B said...


Hope you feel better soon

tony said I could have a 1/2 cup of fruit 1 x a day I was soo excited LOL - it's the little things that matter now :)

thirtysomething said...


I hope you are feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!

I had that cough trojan is talking about last year...it sucks!

and OMG B gets fruit?...I never got fruit! Tony's gettin soft lol

Stef said...

You will be back to 100% in no time!

Dontcha just love veins??? I love watching when I work out. Cool, huh!