Monday, December 3, 2007


I weighed myself this morning just for the heck of it. Keep in mind it's finally TOM again but I think that it's over now. I don't know what I was thinking since I knew I would have gained weight over the holidays. Well to my surprise I weighed 121.2! That is exactly what I weighed on Nov 18th! That is why I love keeping a blog I know exactly when and what is happening to my body.

I left work early today because all I could think about was coming home and sleeping on my comfy couch LOL!! And yes that is what I did! Tonight was chest and then I did my 10 mins ending cardio. It was nothing to hard just walk at 4.0 and jog at 6.0. Sorry Angela I know I said I wouldn't but I did :)

Tomorrow is shoulders WOOHOO! I've noticed Tony has been mixing up my days and workouts lately which is fine because it keeps me guessing. I even had an all tricep day on Saturday??? I likey!

I'm trying to stay awake for the season finale of Heroes! It's an awesome show! Mike is scarfing down pizza and probably losing weight chewing it. I had dry ass chicken with mustard, who need pizza when you have that?


Anonymous said...

Whoo-Hoo!!!! YAY for the weight!!! Glad you were able to get some rest on your comfy couch. I love being able to do something different everyday, I get bored really quickly. LOVE that man. Why is it that our men feel it's okay to eat crap in front of us with no thought as to how we are suffering? My hubby can't even taste or smell, yet he STILL eats the junk, and right in front of me I might add. That's okay, I'm stronger than him!

Trojan said...

Are you feeling better then? I hope so!

I was able to WO yesterday...first time in a week..wahoooooooo

Bring it ON!

Colette said...

Congrats on the weight...see, this is proof to me that you have to eat to get muscle, and you won't gain weight!! Why is it so hard to get in our heads that this is what you have to do??

Good for you getting to change things up...makes working out not so stale ;)

Have a super week, April

KatieFeldmom said...

LOL at the pizza versus the "dry ass chicken". Hope you are back to 100%!!! Have a great week!!!

sonniejane said...

What do ya know? Dry ass chicken is on my menu too. We must dine at the same restaurant. Yes, we are the hot ones with the great bods sittin in the corner chewing our DAC!

Beka said...

mmm...dry ass chicken!! Congrats on that weight.

chantal2bfit said...

LMAO at the dry ass chicken comment! Congrats on the weight!

I'm a big fan of Heroes too! Love the ending, but what a cliffhanger!