Friday, December 28, 2007


I just woke up from a nap which feels great to do. Earlier this afternoon I did a step aerobics tape again with Cathe. I had forgotten how much I love doing these! I stopped doing them at the beginning of the year as I was following Tony's plan to a T. I thought since i'm bored and not doing anything else it couldn't hurt. HOLY MOLY! My heart rate hasn't been that high in a long time! I was dripping with sweat and it felt great! This is what I needed right now. Of course i'll be doing my Tony workout at 4p like always right on schedule.

I've been eating good today also which feels great to do. I'm not eating like crap anymore. My food has been good and no carb like Tony wants but the peanut butter balls, oreo balls and fudge got me.

Oh and who else is mad at Stacey right now for leaving us all hangin!!!!!

My new mug :)


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!!!! I haven't had any time to write today!

mb said...

I love the mug. I want one!

Angela said...

that mug is great! I should break out some of my workout tapes when im bored too....but i get lazy.....and then wind up doing nothing.....I miss your emails!!!

Unknown said...

Hiii dear....whats up??? Its me, comp. freak lol.

I love your coffee mug :-) Where did ya get it???

Whoa...only 154 days till your next comp....i am soooooo excited!!!!

How was the holiday times?

Anyway....i dont know if i told ya...but i changed my blog because of some problems. Now i am in blogsome: www.themakingofabodybuilder.blogsome.com

Kisses, and happy new year


Lori said...

I love that mug!!

Sunnie said...

Cute mug, where did you get it?

Glad you got rid of all those balls and stuff!

Anonymous said...

First off, I LOVE Cathe she's great! Way to get in some extra cardio, I should do that!

Second, glad to hear you are back on track girlie!! Chicken, fish and veggies!! Mmmmmmmm! Oooops! Forgot you said NO carb. :)

Third, um YES, I know she's busy, but come on, Stace!!! I need to make travel arrangements!

Fourth, I LOVE, LOVE that mug!! I certainly need one of those!

Barbara said...

i covet that mug...

B said...

I am finally back on track as well, I am frightened to get his email requesting pics LOL- it's coming soon I know

My hip hurts from pop sqauts - I'm getting old

cute mug - can ya find me one that says tofu??? lol

Kristen said...

That mug is awesome!