Friday, January 4, 2008

Evening post

Well it's really only 6:19p but it's so dang dark outside I could go to sleep. I came home today, did my back workout, 15 mins of ending cardio and after I saw Tina's pics I popped in a step tape and did that too LOL!!!

I've been doing great on my diet since 1/1/08! My official weigh in is tomorrow but I did weigh this morning and I was 124.6. Don't applaud, I weighed 107 when I competed. Yes I know I need to gain weight to build muscle but it's still frustrating. This is as high as i'll go though.

Tomorrow i'm going out for lunch with the girls. One is Jodi who competed with me and the other is Kira who is a bad ass and she is super nice and cute too!!! It'll be nice to have friend like her, no one will pick on ya that is for sure. She is the one who is making me feel okay about my weight gain. She is at almost 170 and it's not all muscle. She allows herself 20 weeks to cut the fat. She knows her body and what it responds to though and Tony and I are still trying to figure out my jacked up self.


Lori said...

First of all you're not jacked up. You look good. Tony will get you where you want to be.
Be good at lunch with the girls. :)

sunniejane said...

You sound just like me, always worrying about everything. You could tell me over and over and over that it is fine and I would still worry.
You trust Tony though and you know it really is going to be OTAY!

thirtysomething said...


I am flattered that my pics sent you straight to extra cardio!!! It's pic's like yours that got me on the treadmill, crying through intervals...knowing that maybe one day I could come close to looking like you!! Tony is awesome and I thank you and the other Tony Diva's and CoDiva's for giving me your drive everyday!! :) Tina

KatieFeldmom said...

Keep up the great work April!!!

Melissa said...

Thought I would finally drop you a comment- I read quite often!

Lori said it right, you are NOT jacked up. I've looked at your pics MANY times for motivation....so keep doin' what you're doin'.

Plus the thought that you are not to far from me (I'm in South Bend, and will soon be in Ft. Wayne), keeps me hoping that I may be able to make it to one of your competitions. =)