Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year everyone!

I don't have any resolutions but my sister's dogs do. The wiener dog is boss and growls at the boxer all the time. Cody(boxer)is the sweetest and clumsiest dog. If Wimbly(wiener)doesn't know you watch your ankles. Never once have I seen these dogs get along. Last night at midnight my sister sent this to me on my phone LOL! I cracked up for hours! You just have to know these two. Of course where ever my dog goes she is boss. Just like her mom :)

I had a Happy New Year with Mike and his friends. We played poker and ate, guitar hero, and ate :) I didn't drink though, waste of calories. I saved them for the rice krispie treats mmmmmmmm.......I haven't had one of those in FOREVER! So now i'm off of my M&M here, trail mix there diet. NO MORE CHEATS for me! I want to see if I can train for this comp without having to workout for 3 hrs and 20 mins a day to get rid of fat. I know that is highly unlikely but we'll see.


Stef said...

Happy New Year April!


Lori said...

Happy New Year. I am with you on the clean eats. I know I can't do it 100% but I'll try.

Angela said...

Happy New Years!!! Cant wait to get back to routine :)


Barbara said...

Hey girl..it's a new year now and we will kick ass this year...or the comp will kick MY ass. Either way it's going to be one heck of a journey..thanks for all your support and advice!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year April!!!

Cute pic of the doggies. Clean eating does a body good. I'm proof!!

Unknown said...

Happy new year! Sooo...get back on that wagon and eat clean with us, except when T gives you a cheat. OK??