Saturday, January 12, 2008

S is for Shopping and Shopping is for me!

I took my dog for a long walk at the park this morning and it was a good one. 416 cals burned!

I just got back from the mall! I bought new running shoes, Adidas not sure what kind. I've never had Adidas before but my runner husband swears by them so we'll see. I almost got my Brooks again because they were comfy!

I got a 30 lb dumbbell also. I can't wait to work my back later. I'm glad I waited until today now.

Not much happening but I was loving my bowl of oats this morning! I haven't had them in over a month!!!!!


Stef said...

Ooooooh....new KICKS! I need some too!

Yay for OATS!!! You are living high on the hog! WooHoo!


Anonymous said...

I'm always so impressed by how well you stick to your diet. It's intense!

I LOVE Brooks. My feet roll in really badly so I have to particular about my shoes. Let us know how you like the Adidas.

Hage Family said...

I really like Brooks too. Have a very wide toe box so I have to wear wider type running shoes. Hope the addidas work, though remember what works for hubby may not work for you. I always go to a specialty running store that always knows how to fit my foot just right.

Glad you enjoyed your oatmeal. I actually threw mine out this morning b/c it tasted like mush...blah! How do you like to eat yours?? Tiffanie

Colette said...

How fun to go shopping and get new shoes!!

So glad you got to have your oats this morning ;)

thirtysomething said...

So glad you got your carbs back!! I love my oats too!!!

sunniejane said...

I love to go shopping for SHOES! I would go every weekend if I could get by with it. I love all my All Day I Dream About Soccer Shoes.(ADIDAS)

Lori said...

I love adidas shoes. It's what I buy all the time.