Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gladiator starts tonight!!

I have the DVR all set up to record it since I fall asleep around 9p all the time :)

I want to make a shirt that says I don't diet I try new meal plans!! I'm sicking of people asking me about my "diet"!!!!

I took some pis today and they aren't pretty. I'm 22 weeks out so I have plenty of time though. I sent them to Tony so we'll see what he does with me now.....i'm scared!

My pooch is back a bit but not as bad. My weight is all where the butt meets the back. If you have this problem you know what i'm talking about. Plus my face is chubby but it typically is anyway. Keeps me young looking LOL!!!!


Stef said...

Girl, you will be totally fine for you show in May! Besides, as hard as it is, think about it this way.... you look 10 times better in this picture than 95% of the people at WalMart!!!!!

Keep plugging away!

Oh yeah, I can't wait to see Valerie Waugaman and Tanji Johnson on AG tonight. I have a reserve on my TV tonight....no one else get it!


Reese Mortensen said...


But ya look fabulous! 22 weeks out??? Then we are the same!!!!! Whoaaaa! Competing at the same time. Only that you dont have that much work to do :-) (compared to me lol)

Keep us posted on what tony says tmorrow.



Reese Mortensen said...
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Angela said...

Lookin good girl! and your face does not look chubby....silly :)

Colette said...

You look GREAT! I can see that your muscles have grown, which is a terrific thing. You won't have any problems cutting in time, that I'm sure of. Yes, you weighed 107 at comp time, but you know that would be an unrealistic weight for year round. That is why all the weight lifters give their comp weight and off weight (but you already know that).

One year with Tony...wow! What a nice gift he gave you too, haha ;)

Trojan said...


DUDE...can't wait for the Gladiators 08!! Woot!

sunniejane said...

I am telling you, you have put on some serious muscle. Look at those biceps and shoulders! You are going to look so great when you get rid of the little, yes little layer of fat. I know you only see fat but I see muscle and I know you are headed in the right direction. Remember, you have to gain some fat to build muscle, sucks but so true. I don't carry my fat above my butt but more on my sides at the waist. I do not call it a muffin top but a big ol dinner roll:)

B said...

I'll be watching tonight as well- I am a huge fan of Valerie

you look great!

KatieFeldmom said...

I see lots of new muscle!!!

Melissa said...

I have to 2nd Sundie, your shoulders and biceps have GROWN. Looking great! For having 22 wks left to grow and lean out, you look fantastic! Can't wait to see what you can do these next few months ;)

Anonymous said...

oh pishawwwww you look awesome!
I f'n missed the gladiators...wtf was I doing??? lol

Visionquester said...


I think what they think. Big muscles, nice bod, no prob.