Monday, January 28, 2008

Nice Weekend :)

I had a wonderful weekend. Although it was kind of cool it was sunny and I got to spend it with my family. Not my husband though he was motorboating strippers at a bachelor party LOL!

Anyhow, I went to my mom's Saturday for my sister's b-day dinner and party. My mom made chicken and cheese one of my favorites but I did not partake in it! There was also cornbread pudding, mashed potatoes, and rolls. Of course chocolate cake with big mounds of chocolate icing....sigh....and ice cream from DQ. I hope you all are tortured because i'm the one who had to smell it all. I really wasn't tempted by any of it though. I had my tuna and green beans. My grandpa is so cute he said what are you having April? I told him and he said oh I didn't see that up there looks better than what i'm having LOL! He's so silly :)

After that torture we went out dancing. I was good and only drank water. Since my bedtime is typically 8p I was soooo tired and we didn't leave the place until 2:30a. I was up the next morning at 7a though, hate that. So eating and workouts have been great. I just hope I start losing some fat soon :( Sometimes I think why do I not eat the good things i'm still a fat hefer. Then I see my swords and I want to win first place next time!!

Here is a pic of my sister and I at her wedding Sept 06. Excuse the flabby arms ;)

We do look alike although she is a 36E and i'm a 34A. Okay maybe not a full A although right now I think I am.


Trojan said...

You both look beautiful and happy...as it should be at a wedding!

Anonymous said...

SO proud of you for not partaking!!!! YOU ROCK GIRL!!

BEAUTIFUL picture! You both are gorgeous!

sunniejane said...

Love the pic, so pretty. I wish I had a sis.
No way I would have ever made it to 2am partying but great job on passing all that wonderful food up!

C2 said...

I was a maid of honor in a wedding not so long ago and the bride to be was a dancing fool the night we took her out.... I was so ready for bed at like 9:00. We didn't get home until around 4 in the morning... I was so stinkin tired, it wasn't funny! So I feel your pain!

Good job keeping it clean Sweets! You are doing awesome! Now quit calling yourself names! :)

Anonymous said...

ha that is my exact thinking right now...I could be eating pizza and chocolate covered cashews and still look exactly how I look right now!!!! ugh I'm telling Tony I am ditching that No shotgun shit. I swear it's making me look 4 months pregnant! I can't take it anymore!

Awesome picture!

Colette said...

That is the difference between you and me...I couldn't pass up some of that stuff...more power to you and with that frame of mind, you will be kicking butt once again on that comp stage ;)

Very nice picture of you and your sis, and I'm sure hubby had a nice time boating ;)

Lori said...

WOW, you did great, I would caved at the DQ. Great picture.

Jen said...

Great picture and wow! I can't believe you turned down all that comfort food... I'm impressed.

thirtysomething said...

Beautiful picture of your sis and you!! I always imagine myself as April when I am stuck in tough food situations, you always come out a winner, and I'm all for that!!

:) Tina