Sunday, February 17, 2008


That was my goal for calories burned during exercise alone this week. I made it to 5221! YES! That should mean I lost a pound but if I know my body that didn't happen.

I took Boomer for a walk today. It was sprinkling out so I hadn't planned on it being a long walk. Well somewhere along the way I lost my key. Man, just as I was making fun of Martha and Tiff for their bonehead moves LOL! So we had walked for about 20 minutes and were soaked but we made it back to the car when I realized the key was gone. On the way to the car I thought to myself well the rain has let up so maybe I should keep going...nah. Well needless to say I had to retrace my steps. I found them on these stairs I climb while thinking i'm Rocky running up them. So we made it back to the car, soaked, some of us had to run in the mud(Boomer), and now someone is sleeping. When I opened the car door to let her out at home she just happened to do the wet dog shake IN my car!!! Oh great, just when i'm thinking of getting rid of it. Is this a sign? Lost my key, dog shakes off in it??? Hmmmm.....

So now i'm getting ready to go to my in-laws for my niece's b-day party. I just baked my chicken so i'll be taking my salad. I'm also taking a 3oz pouch of tuna for later. Best to be prepared!!


Anonymous said...

Girl, you could have called me and my article dog Nikki would have found your key for you. LOL
Are you going to the Arnold????

Ruby said...

hi April..it is raining like cats and dogs here as well..we have a mini goldendoodle and when we got home from our mini walk in the rain she came and cuddled with us on the couch...great wet dog smell...you gotta love it.
You are friggin burning so many calories this week..if you don't lose the pound after this week I will cry for you.
Regarding EBAY after reading the posts I now have got EBAY fever again. When Tina mentioned she got a juicy suit I was like that would be cool to get...so now that is what I am doing today. Have a great time at the party!!!

Reese Mortensen said...

holy shhhhhtttt! 5200!!! ay gotta be kidding me girl! lol! Impressive!

Thanks for the comment, I didnt know that you knew Kira Neuman. She is awesome. I dont know her personally. She is damn gorgeous lol.

BTW: i always read your blog...just that i dont comment lol. I loved the pic of you and your sis. Soooo sweeeet.


Lori said...

I HATE the wet dog shake, especially in a car. bummer.

Hage Family said...

5000...girl...does Tony know you are burning THAT MUCH? I hope he has you eating enough so your body doesn't hold on to everything not wantin' to give it up! You are one cardio crazy woman!!

thirtysomething said...

Dang girl!!! You've got me beat!! Mine said 3848 but I missed recording Wednesdays workout...and I was wearing the thing the whole time...forgot to hit start...so I think I'm about 600 behind you...I need to start moving my butt...your comp is after mine!! April is our cardio queen!!!

Trojan said...

Yep..the pink polar club strikes again:)

April is known for these crazy 5000+ calorie(BURNED) weeks.

You go girl!

Natasha said...

hi April!! 5000!! You rock!!

I just wanted to pop by and wish you off to a great week.

Chat later :)