Sunday, February 3, 2008

Proud sis

So yesterday My sister was in a RockBand tournament. Here are the Days of our Lives.

Me-wake up at 4a get on treadmill off to my high status and stressful job

sis-goes to sleep at 4a after staying up and playing video games all night

Me-eats healthy 24/7 while missing family functions and b-day cakes

sis-eats whatever and downs 6 Mt. Dews a day

Me-always worried about my weight and body image....since being 14

sis-could care less and lives a pretty easy life except for having anxiety attacks

Me-non smoker


So the point i'm trying to get at is I work out like a mad woman, eat like a bird, wear uncomfortable shoes, get on stage in a bikini, put fake tanner on that dries me out like an old ladies.....and I win 2 swords.

My sister manages a pizza shop and likes her job comes home plays video games, eats what she wants goes to this tournament and wins $500!! I'm so proud of her though :)


Lori said...

Sounds typical of my life. When I win, people always are saying you are lucky you win all the time. I win stupid stuff though, like when I worked at Sprint, I won a poinsettia, a pewter basket from the kitchen with kitchen stuff in it...that kind of stuff. Oh when I went to TN CHamps weekend the first year I went, I won a basket with a stuffed oppossum in it with some BQ sauce. LOL It was cute. At least I do win some stuff.

I want to win the freaking lottery for a change.

sunniejane said...

Are you sure you are related?

C2 said...

I NEVER win anything.... well unless you count the case of Myoplex that I won at the TN weekend last year that I actually gave away to someone else who couldn't afford it. :-)

marthab said...

That is hilarious. I have people in my family like that, exchange the Mt. Dew for Rockstar and no smoking and you have my nephew. I can't play that d*&m RockBand to save me. All I can do is sing. I suck at video games in general. I miss the days of PacMan and Pong!

thirtysomething said...

:) Now if you could just get your sis to take you shopping you'd be set!!

Anonymous said...

Me and my sis are total opposites too. Why does that happen???

I NEVER win anything. I have to work HARD for everything I want. Whatever.