Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Okay my new countdown cheered me up. I'm having a blah day. My leg workout was grueling and awesome, eating was clean but i'm just down for some reason? I did have a Diet Coke and I haven't had one of those in FOREVER! It was that or something a lot worse. I'm going through the ever popular why am I doing this? I'm not losing weight yet i'm up at 4:30a every morning on the treadmill. Then I eat like a bird come home and workout again and still nothing! I know though that I will get through this and wake up tomorrow feeling like I weigh 100 lbs and it will be okay.

Anyone watching Big Brother? Lori? It's cutting into my sleep time but i'm already hooked after last nights episode!

Oh this made my day and I had forgotten about it.

Text to Chris from Justin(both co-workers of mine)

Chris: Hey April you might want to see this text I got from Justin

Me: Why does it have poop on it

Chris: No

Justin's text: Jesus! Can April's arms get any bigger!

LOL! That did make me feel good.


B said...

I am a big brother addict and this season looks great!

sunniejane said...

Oh you gotta love that text!

I swear I am starting to stress a bit, I have so much to get done before I leave. Are you sure it is 15 days!!!!!

Lori said...

SHIT, when did it start? damit! I love that show. How often is it on this year?

Hage Family said...

Oh...I'm so jealous. I want your arms AND I want to go to the expo! LOL

Colette said...

That text had to have made your day!

As far as the weight, you know that will come off over night when the time is right. Just think positive and keep kicking butt ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't watch much tv anymore. Enjoy it though!

I know what you mean. Although the scale says I've lost, I don't feel like I'm as small as the scale says.

That text was so cool.

Angela said...

I cant believe how quickly its coming! 15 days! OMG! You look great, and you are going to look even better! Dont fret :)

Anonymous said...

Ha that is me totally! In fact that's the message I left tony...um hello I am still fat and on my way to the gym I'm starting to wonder why the F I'm doing this UGH!

LOL :)

I am much better today but I still can't figure out why I was so "down" all weekend. It was bad. Anyway your right and we'll be fine and hey at least you have the ARNOLD to look forward to...I'm so jealous!!! :(

LOVED the text that was awesome!

C2 said...

Funny, I sent you a PM on Tracker about your "guns." Don't lose your focus Woman, you are AWESOME! Stay strong. :)

Trojan said...

That is the best text ever....:)

Wish I got MESSAGES like that, I get PINK EYE TEXTS.

You are indeed working it.