Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Okay I got this from Nora's blog. This is why I don't want breast implants. This is my goal and I LOVE it!!

Here is a pic of my pal Kira. I never noticed this before but her back muscles look like a butterfly!! How awesome!

Inventory is going good at work so far. I just can't wait for this week to get over with and then i'll get to meet many of you YAY! I e-mailed Tony and let him know that Thursday will be at least a 16 hour day for me so the only workout i'll get in will be my early cardio. So he put an 80 minutes cardio session on my calendar LOL! You gotta love him and hate him at the same time :)


thirtysomething said...

I'm with you on the boob thing...I love my pecs, and I would have never known they were there tell you told me about them!! Dang that back muscle is impressive!! 16 hours....BLAHHHHHH!!! And 80 minutes of cardio, if I wasn't going to be in the car for 9 hours, on my way to meet you...I'd do some of it for you!! Gotta love him!!

Can't wait to meet you!!

:) Tina

B said...

80 min!!! you must have been a bad girl april LOL that's nuts

and I naturally have big boobs and it's not easy so be happy with what ya got!

Hage Family said...

wow...she's a big girl! she is definitely more BB than figure...is that your ultimate goal???

April said...

Thanks for the offer Tina ;)

She is a big girl and that is not my goal. I don't think my hubby would like that. Plus she spends most of her time looking fit but big and not cut. When she is cut she's the cutest little thing but when the water and skin are over the muscles...not so much HA!

Angela said...

i have 60 minutes for tomorrow!! 2 more days!!!!

Colette said...

If you're going to work so hard to get pecks, then why hide them with silicone...not to mention, that when your body fat is so low, the fake boobs look like balls on the chest...just my opinion ;) You look great just the way you are!

She is HUGE!! I was going to ask if that was your goal, but saw the question was already asked/answered. That would be to much for my hubby too ;)

Have a super day, and I'm feeling for you about that cardio amount :(

Stacey said...

Yep! No fake boobs for me either I LOVE both those picts!

80 minutes of cardio~GAK! lol

Trojan said...

Hmmmm I still think about boobs from time to time...but now my chest is finally finally getting better:P

80 min...no prob, you will KILL it!

Have a wonderful time at the Stimuli Overload Expo:P

Ruby said...

hi April just my opinion but you have such a hot body right now!
Have a great time at the Arnold!!
One day I will make it there!
80 minutes of cardio..I really don't know how you do it.