Saturday, February 16, 2008


I had THE best bicep/tricep workout last night. I got my heart rate to 161 during biceps!! I think it's because i'm more focused during the weekdays. On the weekend is when I typically do them and although I get good workouts in i'm thinking of other things. Oh and one set of curls was for 45 reps! Yes, I had to bust out the 5 lb-ers. Sounds easy but try it and you'll see it's not. Today is my shoulder CRIT!! I cannot wait for it! See normally on the weekends I can wait for my workout because it's ugh....biceps. Colette CRIT is just a type of Tony workout. I can't get into specifics but it's basically interval training.

Today i'm going out to eat with my Valentine. I also need to get more green tea extract which I have been out of for awhile. The mall is 4 miles away which doesn't sound bad but it's 10 stoplights away. If you go early you can make all the lights and the drives a dream but during noon forget about it.

I bid on some clothes from Ebay Tuesday and I won! YIPPEE! Okay call me behind on times but I've never done it before. I know my hubby does though because i'm always deleting e-mails that say you have been outbid for you Porsche 911 turbo LOL! Dream on buddy. He thinks that one day his $10,000 bid will go through and he'll get a steal. Which reminds me....I didn't NEED that Nike jacket but it WAS $54.99 and I got it for $18.99. It's all about what you saved ;)

I'm contemplating(big word for me)on getting a new car. I LOVE my car but i've had it for 5 years which is a record for me. Little things are starting to bug me. The guys I work with are all about buying from me because they no I take care of it and it's a 2003 and on has 42000 miles on it. I may get another one just like it?? Except they changed the body style for 2009 so it wouldn't be exactly like it. Or I may get an Infiniti EX35...husbands pushing the BMW X3 but I don't like those. Then I think I don't need that big of a vehicle it's just us and Boomer??? He makes the car payments because there is NO way I would buy an Infiniti and pay that much it's ridiculous! Although I deserve to drive in luxury LOL. I hate decisions, I wish I really didn't like my car it would be easier.

This is what my furgirl does when I say mommy rub her tummy :) No she doesn't get a pillow and lay her head on it but it just happened to be there.


Barbara said...

Have a great CRIT April..I liked those too. They really get the HR up..:)

You are kicking arse!

Stef said...

I was wondering what a CRIT was too....LOL! I just thought it might be short for CURCUIT.

Cute doggy!!!


Lori said...

Have a great Valentine meal. I need a new car too but I love not having a payment right now. I think I'll keep it till it dies.

Tina said...

Ahhh, what a lovey baby you've got there!! Awesome on winning the bid...I've been a bit addicted to this too...latest win a cute Juicy Couture Jog suit...so I can look the part of a desperate housewife!! New car I hear you...I say if he wants to pay for it go for it!! I would love a new car...but then I would have to work full time again...praying the cars give us a few more years...we've just paid them off!! Skip the big vehicle...damn gas prices...who wants to spend money on gas!!

Just my thoughts!!

Visionquester said...

That comment about the dog getting a pillow cracked me up!

Thanx. I like funny girls.


I got a SWEET 1995 Cavalier that is always dirty. I can get a new car, but I would have to give up supplements.... but if I ever did get a different car what would it be? A Muscle Car of course.

B said...

adorable pic!

I bought something on ebay once years ago- I have to see something and try it on before I buy. I also became very competitive and obsessed with winning my item LOL I did but the process wasn't pretty:) enjoy your goods

Colette said...

I've only tried ebay once and didn't like the experience. My neighbor buys from there all the time and loves it! To each their own I guess ;)

Thanks for clarifying the crit thing. I had a feeling that is what it was. That kind of training is supposed to be the latest thing going on in the fitness world. Gets the heart pumping and the muscles working.

Rub your baby's belly for me too ;)