Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today was crappy. TOM still isn't here and I wish it would just show up already! I ate 3 Dosie-do's that I don't even like and I worked 11 hours. I didn't have a good back workout because I was so stressed about getting off late. You know me everything on schedule and my routine was broken. I didn't do my warmup on the treadmill and only did 5 mins finishing cardio. Like I said it was a blah day. BUT....tomorrow is gonna suck even worse! Not for eating I will not eat anymore of those nasty cookies but i'll be working for 16 hours.

I will however be getting up EXTRA early tomorrow to get in my 80 mins of cardio. Sometimes we just have those crappy days but at least they are far and few in between.

To top it all off it's my hubby's birthday! I saw him for a minute this morning and now he's going to a Pacers game with friends tonight. Oh well, once you get 32 I guess you really don't care about b-days anymore.

Have patience everyone, after Friday and inventory is over I will be back to my happy and cardio queened self. Plus I'll be hyped because i'll be meeting Angela and Tina and hopefully Sundie WOOHOO!!!


B said...

even when you have a minor set back you amaze me

and I sooo wish I could be going to the arnold make sure you take tons of pics

Colette said...

April, you are proof of the saying, "if you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get it" You my dear, amaze me! Where do you get that streangth/energy/determination/etc....and can I have some ;)

Happy Birthday to hubby!