Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pink eye and death suits

I'm at home today but not out of comission. I have pink eye! At first I was pissed but then thought?? hmmmmm....how long can I use this as an excuse to miss work HA! I mean as long as my eye is red I should stay home ;)

I already have all of my workouts for the week and they look AWESOME! Today I hopped on the treadmill while watching Regis and Kelly with my death suit on. OMG! I haven't sweated like that ever I don't think! It was awesome! My goal for my next weigh in is 123. Last time I weighed I was 124 so I just don't want to be let down when I do weigh this week :) It seems with all this cardio I should be less but I know my stubborn body.

Thanks for all the nice compliments about my muscles finally showing up! I'm not sure what i've done different except for visualize a lot more! If you think I will never look like that then you won't. When I look at girls now I think I can't wait to look like that!!

Oh by the way I burned 1128 calories during my exercises yesterday. I sent Tony a text : Ur tryin 2 kill me...but I like it!


Colette said...

You definately need to stay home if your eye is pink ;)

I guess all those extra clean calories did the trick getting those muscles...and of course your great workouts. It just shows that you have been pushing yourself big time. I am so proud!!

With that "suit" and cardio, I sure hope you are drinking lots of fluid before, during and after...dehydration is a big deal and very serious (but you probably already are doing that).

Keep kicking butt ;)

April said...

Yep I was drinking my water :) I was walking slow on an incline too so I was overexerting myself...I know better. I've had that suit for awhile now I just haven't used it. Whewy, if felt good to sweat that much though!

Anonymous said...

I have one of those suits....hmmmmm maybe I should dig it out cause my weight is not budging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KatieFeldmom said...

Hope your eyes gets better soon. Or wait, I hope it gets better soon, but stays pink for as long as you want it to. Maybe some pink eyeshadow would help?

Trojan said...

Apester...nice Text you sent me..scare the crap outta me before coffee..sheesh:)

What kind of suit is this? The old school sweat suit?

You are soooo rocking it. Beka kicked my ass today.


Lori said...

You're cute.

My daughter gets pink eye all the time. Its annoying. Hope you are better real soon.

Stef said...

Visualization is so important!

Death Suit...you crack me up!


sunniejane said...

I think my eye might be a little red too. I think I am might stay home cause I would not want anyone to get the red eye now would I?

Get better!

Colette said...

quick question...when you go on an incline, what speed to you use? I'm thinking like 15% incline at a 3.5mph speed???

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, definitely need to keep that colorful eye away from others. I like Katie's suggestion...

I love seeing how many calories you burn in a day. I only come close to those numbers once or twice a week but often when I feel like slacking off, I think about them. "April's burning over a grand a day, you can push through another few minutes sheesh you wimp"