Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pete and Repeat.....

Okay, my weight is going down and i'm going to keep this trend. I was at 113.6 so once again i'm going to say that I WILL be 112 this weekend! I have to look decent in front of Julie Lohre OMG!

I'm getting a new diet at the end of the week and i'm so excited to see what's on it! Will it be fish, chicken , turkey or turkey, chicken, fish?? LOL! Angela gets cucumbers right now....NOT FAIR! That's okay though because i'm still enjoying my Metrx shakes until I get it ;)

This comp is going to be so much fun! I told Angela just to focus on remembering her suit and heels because anything else left behind I will have! I'm going to bring our stock of dry azz chicken for our roadtrip that Friday. Not too many bathroom stops since we won't be guzzling water. No snacks for the road...now that sounds like a fun road trip!


Angela said...

Oh its going to be fun!!!! 5 hours in the car with me all cranky, tired, malnourished and orange!!!! LOL! Seriously though....i cannot wait to do this with you!!!! Im so excited to be able to share the stage with you!!! Especially since you are the one who got me to do this in the first place :)

No Name said...

You crack me up!!! :) I cannot wait for that sure either. You guys are going to have SO much fun! I am jealous... :)

Anonymous said...

Now don't be havin' any moon pies on that road trip LOL! :o)

Tracy said...

LOL! I would so road trip with ya and be the official butt gluer, but I will be in off season and munching on the chocolatie goodness. And knowing you guys, you kick be out on the side of the road.

But at least I would have my chocolate.