Saturday, April 18, 2009

6 weeks out...maybe....

Hey Everyone! I've had a great week of weight loss! I lost 7.2 lbs in 5 days. This morning I weighed 119.2. I've looked back at the last shows and my weight at 6 weeks out has been.

115.0 - 2007 1st show
123.4 - 2008(attempt at 2nd)
117.2 - 2008 2nd show
114.4 - 2008 3rd show

So i'm gonna keep plugging away and see what happens. I said if I was 120.0 at 6 weeks out i'll give it a go so i'm going :) I'll send in my application for the show on 5/19/09. I'll know for sure if i'll be ready by then or not. I'm really not gung ho about this show to be honest with you. I mean I was on a freaking cruise at 8 weeks out for pete's sake. I'll do my best though...i'm not a quitter!

I feel great right now! My body is looking better and I don't have "carb face" LOL! Love that term ;) My ultimate goal is to be 115 and enjoy life. That doesn't mean I eat pizza etc...but that I can relax and eat a salad from a restaurant without feeling guilty. Yes, I told you all I have mental problems HA! I had it all figured out after my 2nd show last year. I was eating some treats on the weekends and still maintaining at 113. Then I did my show, gained to much after that, Thanksgiving came, Christmas, cold weather, you all get the point. Parts of me wonders what I can do with my physique if I do get to 115 and don't do the dry out and gain TONS of bloatedness after a show hmmmmm....that'll be my next journey.


Ruby said...

great job on the weight loss April!!

Nerd Girl said...

totally can relate to you about the mind games...great job on the weight loss and good luck with the show!! im sure you will look great!

*ANA* said...

heyyyy april you are sooo close to your goal of 115!!! :) yeahhhh you!!!! great job on the weight loss girl!!!

Reese said...

OMG I love it...my little catch phrase ("carb face") is taking the blog world by storm lol! Good luck to you...it might do you some good not stressing out about the comp so much.

Melissa Cunningham said...

i understand about the mind games too! BUT do what you said and keep plugging away and just do your best-if you do that then the battle is won and you can BE HAPPY with your body! i think everybody gains at least 5lb back after a show,if not more-the best way to combat that is to 1) accept that it is almost impossible to maintain "show shape" 24/7 year round, 2) accept that you will gain about 3 or more lbs after the show,
3) DO allow yourself 2 cheat days right after the shows and then go back to "clean" eating again,but add in a cheat meal on the weekend for the sake of sanity....that way you will still maintain a relative lean figure figure and avoid a prolonged "carb face"!!!
SO having said all that-do keep on keepin on chica!!!!(oh and congrats on the wieght loss btw!)

EM :) said...

Great, GREAT job on the loss. I love the term carb-face! I still like FFS, though! :)

Alright, keep pluggin along; I know you'll do the show, and do fabulously!