Monday, April 20, 2009

Dear Body,

I know it's part of nature for a woman to have fat on her hips and lower stomach. I know this is for reproductive purposes but remember what i've told you all along? If you didn't have kids by the time you were 30 then you wouldn't have them. Well you'll be 34 this year so there is no need to hold on to the hip and stomach fat okay? There will not be any little gingerkids running around. I appreciate you trying to protect me but i'll be okay without that. Thanks for listening and I have a little over 5 weeks so HURRY UP and burn it off! I don't even care about the butt fat because Mike likes it. If you want to dispense it to my bony shoulders so maybe I could grow some muscle there that would be just fine. Or my toes, I don't care if they are big. Thanks again.



p.s. Sorry for the bad turkey I fed you last night


C2 said...

LOL! It will come off Sweets! No worries.

*ANA* said...


*ANA* said...


Melissa Cunningham said...

LOL!!! thats just too frigging funny! we have ALL been there chica! but no worries,5 wks is plenty of time to achieve your goals...you can do it,ive got faith in you (and your stubborn body!)

Kelly Olexa said...

GRRR don't you wish those of us that don't have or want kids could like "turn in" our hormones for a free pass?? I freaking hate what hormones do to our bodies...I sooo feel for you girl!! Keep the faith!!