Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Timeline of Insantiy

This is how is started:

1985-Jazzercise with my Aunt

1987-Watched Dirty Dancing, remembering my Aunt saying she will not eat the rest of the week so she can look like Jennifer Grey

1989-Wake up at 5a before school to work out with Gilad and watch BodyShaping while getting ready

1990-Started the fat free craze

1991-Got involved in Color Guard and started losing weight...people noticed.

1992-Still eating fat free and not losing

1993-Starved to get lean for Prom...weight 109 GOAL!

1994-Worked at Fast Food restaurant and would eat baked potatoes because they did not have fat

1995-Started College...need I say more

1997-Partying Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol....I got up to around 135 during this time and was CHUBBY!

1999-Preparing for marriage. Living off of Hamburger Helper and fish sticks but running 3 miles 4x's a week. Got to 115! I felt great at my wedding :)

2002-Starting binging purging. Nothing else would work but this definitely did. WOULD NOT recommend it. Who knows what kind of damage I did to my system.

2005-Still working out. Thought I was eating right now. Bowl of cereal in the morning w/ banana, yogurts and granola bars, and a sensible dinner.

2007-Dreambodies. Wow, I learned SO much this year. If I would have only known how to eat in 1987.

2009-Still staying leaner and healthy even though what I see in the mirror is still the chubby girl who has always struggled.

Throughtout these years there is one thing that I have done consistently and that is work out. I LOVE to be in motion! My workouts have more meaning now though. I understand so much more about my body.

I'm starting to believe in the "chemical consumption" ruining the health and storing fat. My mom will be my test subject until i'm mentally prepared to venture on my own.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you're my twin! I think we are about the same age too!

I started working out to cassette tapes with my mom in the hallway when I was about 9 or 10, kind of like jazzercise.

Then in high school I babysat the neighbors in the morning and would work out with Gilad and Denise Austin and then later was all the espn shows.

I did the whole counting fat grams thing. I remember going to cedar point one time and not eating all day and weighing under 110 pounds and being so happy.

Then I worked at McDonalds and got huge. Except I never lost it for my wedding, I was a fat bride!

Then thankfully I joined a group at my church called 3D and finally changed my lifestyle for good. Even though I still struggle at times, I've ALWAYS worked out, I just have food issues sometimes.

Quit looking at yourself as the chubby girl! You've learned so much and deserve the great, healthy body you have today!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

Thank you for sharing this april! it seems we all have something in common!!!something about counting calories/fat and seeing the scale drop making you feel good,then one day finally seeing the light and knowing the right and wrong ways to be healthy and in shape-i have learned so much over the past 5 yrs about nutrition and exercise! even though i have been a personal trainer for 10 yrs now,it took me having children to finally start eating and exercising the healthy way-i DO NOT want my children to go through or have the same body issues i have-having a daughter changed so much for me-i am much much much better,but sometimes i see that chubby girl staring back at me in the mirror-then i punch her in the face abd say "im stronger than you now!" LOL!
anyways,keep on keepin on april,i agree with abby's advice!!!keep building that beautiful healthy body!

Prairie Fitness said...

Thanks for sharing this. I felt like I was reading a timeline of my own life. It's awesome to know you were able to break through and find a healthy way to manage your weight and life for that matter. Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting! I'm with you on the DOMS too! I'm feeling my legs talk to me now! YAY!!!! I LOVE IT!

*ANA* said...