Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm back!

Wow what an awesome time. Cruising is always awesome for us. This time our friend Brandon,his wife Tami and their daughter Kierra, Mike's parents and our oldest niece Chelsea went and we all had a blast. The weather was amazing and the ship was the best. Mike and I have been on that one before and we new we loved it. Now i'm back to reality. My unemployed life LOL! I'm going to IUPUI today to possibly enroll for the medical coding course.

Oh, 1 small detail you all are wondering i'm sure ;) I gained 4 lbs :) I'm proud of myself. Sure I overdid it a few times but considering I can gain 2 lbs in a day from just drinking water I think I did an excellent job!

I SAW A WHALE!! I'm talking a real one, sure I saw a bunch of whales on the ship..WOW! I was on the exercise bike and looking out at the ocean and saw it back come out of the water and then it's tail!! I yelled oh wow and look at my HR monitor and it shot way up LOL! Speaking of the bike....I never realized how good of a cardio you can get on that thing. Sure i've taken spin classes before but I was on it for an hour and drenches in sweat.

I'm not 100% sure about the show because I'll need to see how my body is doing. I don't feel like killing it right now. I'll admit it, it's hard work. I do want to get to 115 though so i'll be pushing as hard as ever!!

Okay now it's Tuesday and i'll actually post this this time. I weighed this morning and i'm down 3 lbs!! I'm still sodium logged though but that will go away.

I'll upload some pics soon and put them on my side bar.


Becca said...

Welcome back girl! Good job on not going overboard (pun intended, LOL) with the gaining weight thing!! Can't wait to see your pics!

*ANA* said...


Melissa Cunningham said...

glad your back and glad you had a great time with minimal weight gain-lol!
AND you better start working for that show!!

Abby said...

Sounds like fun, can't wait to see pics. Great job on not gaining weight, that would have been so hard for me!

C2 said...

I didn't think you would come back looking like a "whale." :) Glad you all had a great time! :)


Tina said...

Awesome :) Good to have you back :)

Ruby said...

Welcome back April!!! Absolutely terrific job on the weight front. Can't wait to see the pics!!!

Hayley said...

Welcome back! I'm really glad you had fun and have already lost the weight!! That's awesome. :) I LOVE Harlan Coben books! I've become an addict since reading my first book of his..