Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today is my mom's 56th b-day. I made her a sugar free pudding pie :) I'm helping her get healthy. We do aerobics together on Tuesdays, Thursday and one day on the weekend and have SO much fun!

So i've never done this but i'm thinking about putting some of that non permanent coloring in my hair?? I can't remember the color but i'm feeling spunky? Yay or

I went to my grandparents house yesterday to help my grandpa send how his pacemaker is working over the phone! Technology people! This way he doesn't have to go to the hospital and have it checked. It makes me feel good to help old people. I also love to hear their stories even though I hear my grandma's EXACT same one 5 mins apart :( The weird thing is she had made green beans and potatoes and told me that these are the potatoes you brought me last week. Some things she remembers and others she doesn't. Like she'll tell me something and 5 mins later she tells me the same thing. Of course my mom does this too and then I just say Alzheimer's mom? LOL! It's really NOT funny in our family though EEK!

This morning I jumped out of bed and had a GREAT 60 mins cardio session! In just a bit I have a chest crit. LOVE doing chest!!!

When you add a new pretty blog background don't forget to delete your old one!!...just sayin ;)


Marissa said...

april your mom is a knock out! i've done the not permanant color before its nice. i say go for it!!

*ANA* said...


Anonymous said...

Your mom is stunning and go for the color but just know that it will probably all wash out the first time you shampoo, especially if it's any shade of red...hell permanent red hair color is even just temporary. I put like 3 different shades of red in mine before the Arnold and it looked so cool...for like 2 days and *poof* it was gone, couldn't even tell I had put any color in it at all by the time I took the stage and that was demi permanent color(longer then temporary but not permanent) lol!

Anonymous said...

I say go for the hair color, but it'll probably wash out fast but that's a good way to test if you want the permanent kind in your hair.

I gave up on doing anything to my hair...never again! I'm just going to cope with my natural haircolor :) I'm happy with it... Just growing mine long again like it used to be with tons of layers!

Anonymous said...

Your mom looks so young! I like to work out with my mom too!

After my hair drama this week I've learned that everything pretty much, is fixable, so go for it! Do it now while you still have plenty of time before your show. I won't ever try anything two weeks out again!

Angela said...

I like the color...i would try it! WTH? right?

Happy birthday to april's mom :)

EM :) said...

Ummm, yeah, ditto to what everyone else said. Your momma is one hotty patatty! :) Good Genes!!!
Also, I just used a box, semi permenante: DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, thank you for the REALLLLLY nice comments on my blog. You rock Ape!!!

Kelly Olexa said...

Go Sassy with the color girl!! Your mom is gorgeous too!! ;-)