Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ageing and Bargain Shopping

Mike and I went to buy new running shoes yesterday. I really didn't plan on it since I don't have income coming in yet but what a deal we got! He bought Adidas and I bought New Balance. Both of them were $74.99, buy one get one 50% off and I had a 20% off coupon. So it ended up being around $60! He bought them so it didn't cost me a thing and my feet felt so much better on the treadmill this morning :)

I plan to grow old gracefully. I do things to try and prevent it like moisturize etc...and I have since my early 20's. I also use to be a tanning bed junkie and I know that didn't help the cause any. What got me thinking about this is I saw a movie last night and Helen Hunt is looking really old. Then I thought...well she is getting old. That is how you are suppose to age. No one in Hollywood looks like my grandma and that's not reality. I will do everything to keep my body healthy and protect my youthfulness but I will not go to extremes. That also reminds me that I got carded on the cruise ship! I was so happy :) I didn't even get any alcohol but they said you can't be in the club unless you're 21! HA!

Really, how would you like to be remembered? Growing old gracefully or doing anything you can and then turning yourself into a mess?


Anonymous said...

Wow - Helen Hunt and I are the same age. I guess that means I am getting old!

Krissa said...

I think Helen Hunt is beautiful. I wouldnt consider her old looking. It was probably the role she was playing.

April said...

I can't remember the name of the movie but Bette Midler is in it too. She was REALLY thin in that one too. I wasn't trying to say she is old but i'm trying to say that's what is suppose to happen in life. It seems so many people are relying on plastic surgery these days and I commend her for not stooping that low.

C2 said...

I would rather grow old gracefully and do everything I can (without surgery) to stay healthy, you know the good old fashion way, eating clean and exercising. :)

BTW, people say I look like Helen Hunt! :)


Melissa H said...

First, I love the new look of the blog! (I've been reading through my RSS feed)

Second, I absolutely agree with you! I do NOT tan (I went to a tanning bed 2x before my wedding so that I wasn't as white as my dress LOL), I moisturize and drink tons of water.

Third, I got carded today, too! I laughed at the woman and told her that I was almost TWO 21 year olds! 39 and still getting carded? I'll take it! :-)