Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time of Firsts

So yesterday I thought I would go and get a library card. I haven't had one since elementary school. If I want a book I just buy it. Now since i'm unemployed I need all the freebies I can get! This morning i'm going there because they are having a volunteer fair. Next week i'm already volunteering for the Easter Seals. I just NEED to do something and feel useful again :) It's nice being able to workout whenever but I thrive for structure. Volunteering will be a good networking tool also so i'll keep that in mind.

I also went and got some tomatoes from the Farmer's Market yesterday. I was going to go to Kroger but thought I bet there produce is WAY better...I was right.

My weight is still around 120. Gaining and losing that same ounce. It's really getting frustrating but since i've got a lot of time to focus i'm seeing how stupid that is. I'm just not gonna worry about it. If it happens it happens. I'm eating my meal plan and doing the workouts and extra cardio so if my body isn't cooperating it's not the end of the world. Some people compete because they LOVE the competition. I compete to keep myself in shape and to hang out with my friends. This show I don't think any of my friends are doing anymore so what's the point? I'm not giving up though...I still have that goal of 115 that I want to happen NOW LOL! Trust me, I was watching my husband eat 2 cheeseburgers last night drooling. Pizza the night before and Haagen Daaz. I'm sure he lost 5 lbs from it.

Speaking of him...he's doing a mini marathon next weekend! His goal is under 1:30:00. I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

I'm not competing at this show but I will be there all day. I'm going to come and watch both shows. :) If nothing else you could meet me there and we could hang out there all day and sorta have a good time just watching it OR you could compete and I could chill /w u!

Stef said...

I absolutely L.O.V.E. the library. I put things on hold all the time and seems like several times a week I have to go pick things up. Between my DH and I, we have probably 15 books/audios out right now.

On the weight thing: Ever thought about totally switching things up? Is your body just completely used to the training/dieting you have been doing. I bet your body has addapted very well to what you are doing to it....just my 2cents


Melissa H said...

I laughed out loud at your hubby's food and how you said he probably lost 5 lbs from it. Mine comes home from work every day and eats a PBJ on white bread. Granted, he works a manual labor job but weight loss is so easy for guys! Within the last 6 months, just eating moderately healthy (he might have the chicken breast but he got the fries, too) and working out for 30-45 minutes each morning, he has gone from a 38 waist to a 32! WTF?! LOL

You can do it, girl! Keep it up!! (and thanks for the support on my blog!) :-)

Liimu said...

My hubby eats like that and GAINS five pounds, but doesn't give a hoot. Still a vast difference between the two of us...LOL. You're doing great. I could so relate to the thought of competing just to stay in shape. Not there yet, but I will be.

What's a mini marathon? Is that the same as a half marathon??

April said...

Yep, it's half a marathon...I would DIE!

Kelly Olexa said...

Sometimes I tell ya, being a woman...can BITE!! LOL


Ruby said...

I love your attitude April! PS I love the library but its the late fees that get me. I think I could have bought 10 books for the price I pay in late fees.

C2 said...

Good for you for volunteering. You rock woman! :)

Becca said...

I like the way books smell...I just got myself a library card last year for the first time since I was in high school!! LOL...Something about it though, I really love going there now...it's just peace and quiet and sometimes I can't get that home! :)