Monday, May 7, 2007

The Damage

Tony called last night and wanted me to weigh this morning. I wasn't sure if I was mentally ready for the number to show on the scale but I did it anyway. I know with Tony's help I will be below where I started from in a bit anyhow. I keep thinking if I wouldn't have had 2 cookies everyday or that rice pudding for breakfast every moring maybe it would be lower?

Sydney reminded me that people on a cruise ship are so obese it is sad. Mike's parents are overweight and they went with us. His dad pigged out but his mom didn't seem to eat anymore than I did. We all talked about Saturday morning breakfast being our last fattening and good meal. When we got to Chicago at 5:00 and starving we all walked around to find some dinner. I chose a salad with chicken, walnuts, and fat free vinegrette. Mike had a chicken pizza but like it matters he stay thin. His parents ate McD's!! Some people just don't get it. Although I had an iced, nonfat, mocha latte around 7:00p Shock

Now back to the number on the scale 124!! This is much better than I expected so I am actually excited. I can now list the foods I had and not feel to bad about it because my metabolism must be working!!!


Anonymous said...

welcome back lil' red headed girl! missed your cheery-ness! Sometimes a little break is just what we need to get us mounted on the horse even sturdier than we were before!!!!

Teresa said...

Chiming in to say welcome back too! Love the pic of you with your man on the side there...very nice and tan!