Friday, May 18, 2007

I need more muscles! maybe not?

I stand corrected by Tony. I don't need more muscles I have plenty of them. I need more cuts!!

Abs of hell + heavy deadlifts = sore torso YIPPEE!

Still no answer on the lava cake??

Tracey, I use rice wine vinegar as salad dressing sometimes. Are we allowed to use fat-free sour cream? If so I do know of a homemade dressing but it uses lite soy sauce that is in one of my old issues of Oxygen. If you want me to I'll post it for you:)

Hope everyone is having fun with their cleanses. Man that must really suck!! I'll take a no carb day anytime Scared 1


Laurie said...

Doesn't Tony know that the blogging free-world is waiting for an answer (well, except for Martha :) Suppose he's just hoping that the question will go away?

ooooh, I would love some cuts

mb said...

Yeah, I think he ignores the questions that are a "no". I"mnot sure what would be bad about it, though.

I never had a cleanse. Somehow I don't feel left out. :)