Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dr. Oz

I hopped on the treadmill today and put it on Oprah like usual and Dr. Oz was on. I liked him at first and now he is just getting annoying to me. I flipped through the channels only to find Ms. Fitness World on. It was definetly motivating and I did my walk runs at 4.0/8.2! I really don't see how those girls do that, I have problems keeping my balance while running on the treadmill.

I haven't talked to Tony since last Thursday! I e-mailed him that recipe and he hasn't said anything? Angela and I have decided its okay to eat it! Thumbs Up I thought about calling Tony but I know that will lead to no oatmeal in the morning or drinking acid and i'm not ready for that this week .Bang Your Head


Anonymous said...

He's been insanely busy! Don't worry! No dangers!! He did call back today and left me a message....he didn't take away my oatmeal or make me drink anything else that makes me yack! For now............

Tracy said...

Hey sweets...looks like you are doing GREAT! Keep going STRONG.

I guess I need to check Amyella's blog for some recipes. :)

Do you have a good homemade salad dressing??

Laurie said...

What's Ms. Fitness World?? I feel the same way about calling Tony sometimes, afraid of what he's going to throw at me.