Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rise and Shine!

I talked with Tony last night and he thought the suit was perfect!! HOORAY! I told him I will need to know how much I will weigh. He said don't worry about it the shows go by height. I said I mean for my suit measurements. *silence* Ummmm...Uhhhhhhhhh.......I have the number in the back of my mind but don't worry about it just keep building that muscle superstar.

The conversation continued and I said again just give me the number. I don't want you to get obsessed. What is it 108-110?? Well if I tell you just remember to let me worry about that number you just build the muscle right now. Don't worry I can handle it. I'll be changing your eating plan if you feel the weight loss has stalled. Ooh another challenge not a problem now what's the number???? I'd like to see you at 103-105lbs. *Gulp*

After my weigh in this morning I need a meal plan change I guess. It was 121.4. I wanted to be at 120. Oh JeezI have 17 weeks to drop 16lbs. I can do it!! I told him I did early cardio 2 times this week and will get more in on Sunday. He said that is fine but don't do too much cardio just yet, I know it's coming though:)


Angela said...

Hey.....are ya scared?????

I would be.....lol

Dont worry about it.....if anyone can do it...its you! I have all the faith in the world in ya....

As for your weigh in....mine wasn't that great either....lack of food....and i weighed in at 119....great huh? Now i have to get my butt to the gym.

Mia said...

Hi April,

yeah that sure sounds like our (pretty boy) trainer mr. T, always worried about the mind games. he is so right though. he knows the scale messes with our female minds :)last week he figured out some stuff that has been grippin my heart for years,very personal. he said some things that opened me up in a big way and in a good way. he changed my life for real!! i love your blog and i'm gonna be rootin you on :)


Laurie said...

I had a very similiar conversation with T a week or so ago and he never did give me a number, but I did get a BF% out of him.