Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Opinions please!

Tony loved the suit I showed him HOORAY! Now I just want to see if everyone else agrees! The color is what I really need help with:



If you could let me know which suit and which color you like best I would greatly appreciate it. Why can't I just go with my gut and get the one I like? That is too easy and I need some stress in my life!
(p.s. i know this looks nice and neat and when I hit post blog it will go to crap)


mb said...

My vote is Suit #1 in Color #2 or the dark purple...that would look cool with your hair...I think. :)

Anonymous said...

I like the last one, in that same color. You look cute in that color blue!

Jen said...

I vote for Door #3! That's your color girl! I bet it's fun picking suits out!! YAY!

Laurie said...

I'm for color #1 and suit #2 - I agree with Danielle, the last one in that color would look great on you.

Laurie said...

Check my blog for info.

Colette said...

I love the color of #3 and love the style of the black suit. I don't think red is the right color, but all the others would work.

Have fun and great job!!

Barbara said...

I love Number 2 in black...love it.

I think emerald green might look smashing on you.

Angela said...

#3...love it.

You have been tagged...sorry dear....check my blog for info!

mb said...

Not sure what east coast shows are like but I was told the see through straps on the hip were a not highly thought of by the judges. Might want to check it.